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Prophetic Word DECEMBER:The Month Of Decisions!

December will be a month of decisions. This will be a pivotal time for the body of Christ at large. It’s time to decide. Will you stand strong or will you fold. Will you push back on the darkness that tries to implode. Decide to walk with Me or decide to walk away. Decide to answer my call, or decide to forfeit it all.

Decide to come to Me if you have an ear. Decide to let Me be the one to wipe away your tears.

Decide to speak life or continue to speak death.

December, De-cide-ember. It’s time to decide.

It’s decision making time. Decide to walk away from toxicity or decide to stay. If you stay it will wash the essence of you away.

Decide to grow, decide to produce, decide to save, decide to invest, decide wisdom over foolishness.

It’s time to decide because your destiny depends on it. It’s December, De-cide-ember it’s decision making time.

This is the time to choose. It’s either left or right, black or white, one or two. It’s time to choose.

No longer will you walk in the place of doubt or confusion. Its time to make a decision and stand by it. It’s decision making time.

Whatever you do decide to choose life, choose Me, the Son of man the Lord Jesus Christ.

Remember, December is De-cide-ember, its decision making time!

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