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Their Blood is Crying Out!

We can’t help it. We cant help that our mere presence intimidates you. We can't help that the very sight of us detest you. We can’t help the color of our skin, we can't help the fact that we still win. Even though for hundreds of years you try to kill us off. Each attempt your battle is lost. One by one innocent blood is shed. Still a form of slow genocide, you ain't fooling nobody.

You see we know who the real enemy is. He comes wrapped in the flesh many skin tones. He hides himself behind a certain badge. He even sits in certain seats of authority in high places. He establishes the laws and certain legislation to keep those he detest under his feet. We know who's the real enemy behind the visible enemy.

Satan, why do you hate the black race so bad, what did we ever do to you? I mean man it’s so sad. Not to say that other races don’t go through, but it is quite obvious that you have the real issue.

Another life lost, another black man gone. I'm sure when he left his home he didn't think it would be his last Jog. It’s unfortunate but it is one day all of this will catch up to you. How long do you think God will allow the innocent blood of thousands of blacks to cry from this land. Like when Cain killed his brother Abel God Said “What have you done?” The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.

Oh Devil you fool, don’t you see the blood of the innocent cry out and eventually God responds. Just as He responded and cursed the ground in the bible so shall he curse the land of those who shed the blood of the innocent with no remorse. You will work hard and get no return. You will labor and get no reward.

As I sit and think about the economic state that our country is in, and entering into. Could it be God’s response? Could it be that there is just too much blood from countless murders of innocent black people crying from the ground?

I have heard over and over again countless people say the biggest sin in america is racism. I think I am beginning to understand why. Oh devil we know who you are, racism is a spiritual battle that manifests itself through people in the natural.

We have been fighting this battle for centuries, but guess what devil. In the end we win! Oh we will win. We will win. I declare JUSTICE FOR THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT THAT CRY OUT FROM LAND OF AMERICA!

-By Andrea Peele Roberts

Dedicated in memory of Ahmaud Arbery

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