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What’s Been Flowing From Your Mouth Lately?

“A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.“ - Luke 6:45

When you think of the word evil, what are some of the things that come to mind? Things like the devil, demons, wicked, and darkness may naturally come to mind. If you think about those words you aren’t wrong, but there is another side of evil that I want you to think of. You might even show it from time to time without being aware.

  Another definition of evil is meaning to cause harm or discomfort. How many times have you said something to someone to purposely hurt them in any way? I know I’m guilty of doing this in the past. Especially if I feel a person is trying to say something to harm me. I’ll translate that to hurt my feelings. you were going to get it!

    The scripture above says whatever a person produces from a good or evil heart will flow from your mouth. When do you think of the word flow, we may think of things like water naturally. Something that is flowing is something that is continual it’s not something that necessarily stops. So I want you to look at your words that you speak on a regular basis what is your flow? What does your flow sound like?

  Are you speaking things to purposely harm others to protect yourself? Or are you speaking negative things over yourself not realizing that you are causing harm to yourself by the power that you have with your words. Yes you can even speak evil over yourself unaware.

  Are you saying life is too hard, life is too hard, life is too hard. To only find out that “mark life is too hard.” Or what about I’m tired, Man I’m so tired, I’m tired. Therefore you wonder why you have low energy throughout the day or you’re not able to complete things because “I’m tired.” One of the reasons why I wrote Speak Over Yourself back in May was to help people begin the power of consistently speaking the word of God over themselves.

  The things we speak have the ability to prosper us or harm us. One thing is for sure, what is flowing out of your mouth is a representation of what is on the inside of you. You can do an inventory check of your heart by paying attention closely to what you are saying. I’m telling you there’s a strong possibility that you could be saying things without realizing it until someone says hey watch what you say. If you’re reading this I hope I’m that person for you to remind you to watch what you’re speaking.

  Remember the things that you say don’t only affect you but it also affects those in which you are speaking to or about. For seven days begin to play close attention and watch what you were saying. Watch your flow. That flow will allow you to look at yourself in a way that you might have not before. It will cause you to ask yourself the question is my heart good or is my heart evil. Your flow will be that indication. 

  Even if you find that your heart is evil God can change that. He made you! The wonderful thing about walking with the Lord is that He literally gives you a new heart. He comes to live on the inside of you to help you. He gives you the power to not do the things that you used to do and say the things you would normally say. The Holy Spirit manifest fruit. One of those manifestations is self control. You can control your mouth so that evil doesn’t flow from it. 

  This doesn’t mean that you’ll never get upset or angry or say something that you don’t mean. God living on the inside of you is transformational. When one makes up in their mind to follow Jesus that journey begins. Your flow begins to change and you literally get a new heart. 

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