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Discover Your Prophetic Destiny with Prophet Andrea Roberts, an ordained minister, prophet, certified life coach, and founder of Virtual Prophetic Ministries. Along with her husband, Mack Roberts III serves as the virtual pastor's of the Sound Global E-Church, under the leadership of Apostle Shontill and Pastor Marcus McNabb, founders & visionaries. 

Known for her down-to-earth approach, Prophet Andrea is your go-to prophetic mentor, teacher, and coach for those seeking prophetic training, equipping, community, and shepherding. Her passion lies in helping prophets and prophetic voices find their place, purpose, and provision, just like a shepherd caring for her flock.

With a track record of guiding individuals through prophetic mentorship. Her approach is mentorship groups and one-on-one prophetic advisements that lead to a transformative journey. Prophet Andrea's teachings are renowned for their practical revelation, precision, and clarity, making it easy to apply them in your daily life and witness transformation.

Since 2019, Prophet Andrea has mentored 30+ individuals, helping them discover their prophetic identity and decode the mysteries of God's divine communications through dreams, visions, and prophecy.

Prophet Andrea's ministry experience spans teaching, preaching, prophesying, prophetic intercession leadership, missionary work, youth leadership, dance ministry leadership, and intercession for national and global prayer lines.

Beyond her ministry, Prophet Andrea is a native New Yorker who wears many hats—wife, mother, entrepreneur, speaker, creative, blogger, vlogger, and author of two books: "7 Reasons Why Your Hair Doesn't Grow" and "What God Is Saying About Your Dreams!" Her multifaceted talents reflect her apostolic portion of her mantle, allowing her to bless others in various ways.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards fulfilling your prophetic destiny? Prophet Andrea Roberts eagerly awaits the chance to support and empower you to embrace your prophetic voice while deepening your relationship with the LORD.


Are you interested in booking Prophet Andrea to speak, or do prophetic training for your Church or Market Place event? Please send an email with details, and someone will be in touch with.


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