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Andrea Peele Roberts

Prophet | Mentor |Coach|Advisor

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Andrea was formerly known as "Drea The Stylist" and owner of Beauty for Ashes Salon 2007-2022. The first Natural Hair Salon located in Rockland County, NY. However, Andrea recently retired from working full-time in the beauty industry to pursue her call as a professional prophet of the Lord and relocated to the Jacksonville, Florida, area. 


Andrea combines her 15+ years of entrepreneurial background in the marketplace and prophetic ministry insight to create Christian content on social media as a Christian influencer. 


Andrea Peele Roberts is a prophetic coach, mentor, and advisor who teaches Christians how to grow in the prophetic by helping them understand God's wisdom and communication. Andrea helps prophetic believers discover their identity, purpose, destiny, and spiritual gifts. She teaches believers how to hear God's voice clearly, and understand dreams & visions, and prophecy. Andrea is passionate about developing God's emerging prophets and prophetic Christians and cultivating women's bodies, souls, and spirits through spiritual advisement and guidance.


Andrea accepted Jesus as a teenager and knew at 21 that she had a calling in the prophetic. Andrea is an ordained minister and Prophet through the Global Institute of Church and Marketplace Prophets, aka GICMP. Andrea is also a certified life coach and mentor through the Destiny Training Academy founder Dr. Faith C. Wokoma.


Andrea is a spiritual daughter of Apostle Dwann Holmes, lead Pastor of Global Prophetic Life Training and Worship Embassy aka GPL Jax, Located In Jacksonville, FL, and founder of the GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF CHURCH & MARKETPLACE PROPHETS. 


Andrea is the Executive Pastor of GPL Jax. Andrea has a global mandate to walk alongside her spiritual mother to serve as the Chief Prophet of GICMP and lead Mentor Prophet of the COLLEGE OF PROPHETS and EMERGE Mentorship, a modern-day virtual and physical company of prophets. 


Through her mentorship, Prophetic Christians get developed and trained in their prophetic destiny and learn how to serve those around them by living a prophetic life. 


Her ministry experience includes being a missionary, a house prophet, teaching, preaching, prophesying, youth leadership, dance ministry leadership, and serving as an intercessor for the Get Prophecy now prayer lines, and Precious Gems Broadcast hosted by Bishop Jackie McCullough.


Lastly, Andrea is an old-spirited Millennial and a native New Yorker. Andrea wears many hats as a wife, mother, artist, blogger, vlogger, and author. She has written 7 Reasons Why Your Hair Doesn't Grow and "What God Is Saying About Your Dreams!". Andrea is a true Apostolic Prophet who will walk in her destiny to be a blessing to others through her various God-given gifts and talents.


Are you interested in booking Prophet Andrea to speak, or do prophetic training for your Church or Market Place event? Please send an email with details, and someone will be in touch with.


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