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Are you ready to seize the momentum and propel yourself into the heart of 2024 with wisdom, power, and direction? Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 7 AM EST for a transformative journey through WORD, PRAYER, and PROPHETIC DEVOTION.

It's a dynamic morning experience crafted to ignite your spirit and empower you for the journey ahead. Together, we'll dive into scripture, engage in fervent prayer, and receive prophetic insights that will equip you to overcome obstacles and thrive in 2024.

Who are we? Virtual Prophetic Ministries is a prophetic community where we help you unlock confidence, clarity, and certainty on your prophetic journey. Whether you're a spiritual warrior, a dreamer, a seer, or someone exploring your prophetic gifts or office, MOMENTUM MORNINGS is your opportunity to gain MOMENTUM in The Mornings.

For those facing spiritual battles, this is your refuge. For dreamers and seers hungry for understanding, this is your revelation. And for those on the path of the prophetic as a whole, this is your confirmation.

Don't let this moment slip away. Register now and receive exclusive access to the Zoom link, where you'll join fellow seekers in a journey of discovery and empowerment.

Step into MOMENTUM MORNINGS with Prophet Andrea Roberts, 'The Regulator.' The time for hesitation is over. Encounter Deliverance, Development, and Direction. See you there!


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