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I am excited that God has led you to this site. There is no such thing as coincidence. Truth be told It’s no accident, but it is a GOD THING you are here! Before the foundation of the world, God knew this very day would happen. 

I specialize in helping Prophetic Christians discover their identity, purpose, and spiritual gifts. Which ultimately is what I believe is the key to a fulfilled life. I love mentoring and coaching Prophetic Christians.

You may be wondering what’s a Prophetic Christian? A Prophetic Christian is a follower of Christ whom God communicates through one or all of the following; visions, dreams, discernment, insight, wisdom, knowledge, and audible words. Their source of information is given to them by the Holy Spirit. They have revelatory gifts that give them insight into the natural and the supernatural world by knowing past, present, and future events. (Prophecy)

Whether you are a feeler, knower, dreamer, seer, prophetic intercessor, prophesier, prophet, unsure what to do with your prophetic gifts, you are in the right place. Your prophetic mandate is significant to God and to me. If you have been searching for someone to help mentor or coach you in the prophetic, I think you might be in the right place. I offer prophetic mentorship in a group/team setting.

Prophetic mentorship groups are biblical. The bible used names like the school of the prophets, sons of the prophets, and the company of prophets. See 2 Kings 2:3-5, 1 Kings 19:19-21, 1 Sam 19:19-20

Together Everyone Achieves More


Prophet Andrea Peele Roberts

Mentor Prophet, The Global Institue Of Church & Marketplace Prophets (GICMP) College of The Prophets 



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