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Prophetic Mentorship Revealed 

Today, I'm excited to chat with you about something really dear to my heart – prophetic mentorship. Whether you're just starting to explore your prophetic gifts or you've been walking this path for a while, this blog is for you.

Understanding Prophetic Mentorship – What's It All About?

So, what's this prophetic mentorship thing? To understand it, let's get some simple things out of the way by defining what the prophetic is and then defining what a mentor is.

Prophetic: The realm of supernatural communication that reveals insights into past, present, and future events. This encompasses the responsibilities and roles of a prophet, as well as the disciplines and practices integral to ministries focused on revealing and interpreting divine revelations.

Mentor: Someone who guides and supports another person, sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience to help them grow and succeed.

Think of prophetic mentorship as discipleship with a unique twist for those called to the prophetic. It's not just for a select few; it's for anyone who feels that pull towards the prophetic. Like it says in Joel 2:27-28, God's pouring out His Spirit on all of us. That means dreams, visions, and prophecy. 

Elijah's Legacy and Learning in Community

Now, let's take a look at the Prophet Elijah. He wasn't just guiding and mentoring Elisha; he had a whole group of prophets learning from him. That's the biblical way – prophets training together, learning from those who've been there, done that. It's about being part of a community where you're not just taught the scriptures, but you learn what it really means to live a prophetic lifestyle.

The Real Deal on the Prophetic Journey

Walking the prophetic path is something else, let me tell you. It's full of dreams that impact you, visions that come out of nowhere, and God's messages that set your heart on fire. It's filled with emotional highs and lows. It can be a lot, and having a mentor and a prophetic community makes all the difference. It's like having someone who has your back, helping you understand it all.

Why Mentorship Matters for Those with the Gift of Prophecy

When it comes to the gift of prophecy, training is essential. It's more than going with the flow or instinctively knowing what to do. This process involves more than just leaning on the Holy Spirit; it's about actively engaging in learning and development. Through proper training, you learn to responsibly and effectively use this gift, ensuring that you're receiving divine messages and interpreting and delivering them in a way that aligns with God's purpose.

Why Training Matters for Prophets

And here's something important – being a prophet isn't just about winging it. Just like pastors and teachers get trained, we prophets must also equip ourselves. It's not just about relying on the Holy Spirit; it's also about learning, growing, and understanding what I mentioned above, but also understanding the God-given responsibility as prophets. How to use the gift God's given us responsibly.

Let's Meet at the 5-Day Prophetic Boot Camp.

Oh, and I've got some exciting news for you – you're invited to our 5-day prophetic boot camp. It's intense, it's insightful, and it's going to change the way you see your prophetic gift. The next boot camp will be February 12th-16th, held in a private Facebook group. It's free, and I can't wait to see you there. Click HERE to find out more and to join us.

Wrapping It Up with a Heart-to-Heart

So, there we have it, a little heart-to-heart on prophetic mentorship. It's more than necessary; it's life-changing. If you love to watch videos, please watch my YouTube Video below about prophetic mentorship. I'm eager to hear your thoughts, so please comment below. Let's keep this conversation going. Remember to hit like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more. Until next time, stay blessed, and keep embracing your prophetic calling!

Scripture references for Prophetic Mentorship and the company of prophets:

Prophetic Mentorship: 1 Kings 19: 19-1

The Company/Sons/School/Group of the Prophets: 2 Kings, 2:3-6, 1 Samuel 10:5-6, 1 Samuel 19:20, 2 Kings 4:38-41, 2 Kings, 6:1-3.

Dig deeper into Prophetic Mentorship! Check out my YouTube Video Below!

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