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Need a Life Coach?

Do you:

  • Lack life balance?

  • Feel lost or confused?

  • Doubt yourself?

  • Make decisions that are causing self-sabotage?

  • Need Help while facing a major transition?

  • Need focus, or have plans that you can't follow through?

  • Procrastinate, which leads to a lack of time management?

  • Lack of motivation and discipline to achieve your goals.

  • Find that you lack the strategies to overcome obstacles in your personal or business life?

Need a Spiritual Advisor?

Do you desire

  • Spiritual advice about loverelationships, career, or other personal circumstances?

  • To deepen or maintain your relationship with God, but need someone to help you?

  • Spiritual direction for your business or ministry?

Do You Feel?

  • ​Spiritually stagnant

  • Spiritually blocked

  • Spiritually sluggish 

Need a Prophetic Mentor?

Looking for someone who can help you:

  • Grow in the prophetic

  • Discover if you are a prophet or simply prophetic.

  • Understand your dreams, visions, and prophecies.

  • Hear the voice of God clearly for yourself and others too?

  • Know whether or not the messages you receive are from the Lord or not.

  • Understand why you have a drawing to the prophetic and the supernatural.

If you answered YES to ONE or ALL of the questions above, It may be an indication that You are In NEED of SPIRITUAL SELF DISCIPLINE & ACCOUNTABILITY.

Collaborate With A Prophet For






  • Prophetic Mentorship 

  • Prophetic Intercession

  • Spiritual Gift & Destiny Discovery

  • Business/Entrepreneurship

  • Godly Femininity 

  • Women's Health & Beauty

  • Body, Soul, and Spirit Wellness


  • Prophetic Equipping,Training & Development
  • Dream, Vision, and Prophecy Interpretation
  • Prayer Strategy, Spiritual Warfare & Prophetic Declaration
  • Business Launching, Consulting & Solutions
  • Self-care & Prophetic Wellness Accountability
  • Modest Image Consulting 

  • Natural Hair & Alopecia Consulting


Over the next 90 Days, You Will Receive:

  • Six (6) 1-hour bi-weekly one-one-one sessions with Prophet Andrea.

  • Email support for accountability between sessions.

  • 15-minute power sessions as needed/prescribed.

This service includes prayer and a prophetic aspect of one of the following:

  • Mentorship

  • Advisement

  • Coaching


While times of prophecy may occur, that is not the intent of this service. Your time is not to be mistaken for solely one on one prophecy sessions. But rather a time for you to receive Godly wisdom inspired by the Holy Spirit. You will get wise prophetic mentorship, advisement, or coaching that will be a blessing to your life.

With the collaboration between me, you, and the Holy Spirit, you'll be on your way to becoming spiritually self-disciplined and accountable in ways you couldn't imagine. So let's get you on the path of being the best version of yourself, so you can be the woman you know God created you to be.

Would you like to know if my services are a good fit for you? Book a FREE 15-Min discovery call NOW! 

Andrea Peele Roberts is an ordained Prophet through the Global Institute of Church and Marketplace Prophets, AKA GICMP founder Apostle Dwann Holmes. She is also a certified life coach and mentor through the Destiny Training Academy founder Dr. Faith C. Wokoma. With these credentials, Pr. Andrea provides one-on-one Spiritual Advisement, Coaching and Mentorship for women by helping them grow spiritually, prioritize prophetic wellness, and discover God’s plan for their life or business.


Pr. Andrea teaches Christians how to grow in the prophetic by helping them understand God’s wisdom and communication. Andrea helps prophetic believers discover their identity, purpose, destiny, and spiritual gifts. She teaches believers how to hear God’s voice clearly, and understand dreams & visions, and prophecy. Pr. Andrea is passionate about developing God’s emerging prophets and prophetic Christians.


In addition, Pr. Andrea is a spiritual self discipline & accountability coach. She coaches women through the some of the challenges of womanhood with prophetic coaching, advisement, and mentorship comes natural for her due to her 20 + years in the beauty industry. Andrea is formerly known as DREA THE STYLIST and Beauty for Ashes Salon owner. Rockland County, NY, 2007-20222. Pr. Andrea recently retired from the beauty industry to relocate to Jacksonville, FL, to pursue her call as a professional prophet of the Lord.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Get The Spiritual Direction & Guidance You Need Right Now! 

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