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There is no coincidence, it's a God-thing you are here!

Are you a Christian woman seeking a deeper connection with your faith, but feel like something is holding you back?


Are you having dreams or visions that you need help understanding? Do you desire to have confidence in knowing that you hear the voice of God, not just for yourself, but maybe for others too? Or perhaps you need help growing in your relationship with God.


If so, you are in the right place! 

Im, Andrea Roberts, aka Prophet Andrea, and I help Christian women identify spiritual blocks that prevent them from living the balanced and blessed life they desire.


I teach them to hear the voice of God and understand Christian dream interpretation, visions, and prophecy through Prophetic Education, Prophetic Training, Prophetic Coaching, Prophetic Mentorship, and Prophetic Advisement.

Connect with me for my prophetic newsletter, prophetic encouragement, and to learn more about the prophetic and Unlock your spiritual growth with me to learn the power of prophetic wellness

When you subscribe TODAY you get a copy of Part One of my teachings, "How To Hear The Voice of God For Sure," and on Demand Webinar for FREE.

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