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7 Indications You Need To Seek A Natural Hair Pro!

Just because you are natural doesn’t mean you need to exit the salon forever. I am so happy that more and more people have decided to wear their hair natural. It really is a wonderful thing to see people be proud of who they are without apology.

As a licensed cosmetologist and Natural Hair Expert, I get tons of women from all races and backgrounds who have decided to wear their own hair. To be honest, by the time they have come to me it is usually to fix a problem. One that they may not have had if they would have partnered with a natural hair stylist when they first began their journey. To be honest it’s not totally their fault. Within the natural hair community for years it was considered almost taboo to go to the hair salon. Things have changed over the past few years, however for some this still the norm. 

Don’t get me wrong I can understand you being particular and overprotective about your hair. I know I am, but at some point, you may and should seek out a professional. Just like you would go to your primary care doctor, dentist, ophthalmologist, or other health care practitioners for regular checkups. The same approach should be taken when it comes to your hair. I want to give you a list of 7 indications that it’s time to seek a Natual Hair Professional.

  1. You’ve Never Been To One: If you have never been to a Natural Hair Specialist, you are missing out. I am not just talking about a general Natural Hair Stylist but a specialist. There is a difference. Just check out my website and you will see the level of care that you should look for in a natural hair specialist. 

  2. You Want To Pamper Yourself: There is something so relaxing about having someone else shampoo your hair. Cleansing on your own isn’t the same. It’s kind of like scratching your own back. It feels better when someone else is doing it.

  3. Can’t Find The Right Products: This is probably one of the top five most common complaints that I get in the salon chair and in my inbox. Your Natural Hair Professional should be able to make the right product suggestions for your hair.

  4. You Need Help With Finding Your Go-To Style: Every woman needs to know how to do at least one hairstyle that she can achieve wonderfully on her own without going to the salon. One of my sayings is washing and styling your own hair is a part of basic hygiene and grooming. The only issue is that people have a difficult time doing things because they need one-on-one help. Someone to walk them through understand how to do their own hair.

  5. Your Hair Tangles A Lot & You Have Single Strand Knots: This means that It’s time for a cut/trim. I do not recommend cutting your own hair. As a professional, I’ve cut my own hair once or twice in my entire career. Even us professionals get someone else to get what we don’t get and see what we cant see. It’s ok to find someone that you trust and let them get those dead ends off. 

  6. Your Hair Is Dry No Matter What You Do: This is probably the number one complaint out of the top five. I did a webinar called DEEP CONDITIONING TYPE 4 HAIR because of this reason. If you find that dry dehydrated hair is an issue for you. You may want to check it out. This is something that as professionals we are able to help you understand how to get the hydration that your hair needs.

  7. You Are Thinking About Going Back To Relaxer: At this point, you need a 911 intervention. I have seen so many do this to only regret going back to relaxers to then transitioning back to natural. If you are having these thoughts it’s time to seek a pro. 

Well that’s it I hope these 7 indicators let you know when it’s time to go to a pro. In the meantime, if you need to connect with a natural hair community that is guided by a professional IE me, join me over on the Beauty for Ashes Salon Curl/Natural Hair Private Facebook Group. I hope to see you there.

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