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Fortifying Your Spiritual Armor: 10 Ways to Overcome Prophetic Weakness

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Are you feeling like your spiritual shield is a few sizes too small lately? If so, you might be encountering what many prophets describe as a phase of spiritual weakness. But don’t give up! Even the most seasoned prophets can experience dips in their spiritual journey. Here's how you can polish your spiritual armor and get back to your full prophetic strength.

Understanding Spiritual Weakness

First, let’s clarify what I mean by spiritual weakness. It’s not about a fleeting bad mood or a single day of doubt. Spiritual weakness is a persistent struggle to maintain the vigor, power, and resilience required for an active spiritual life. This could manifest as difficulty in withstanding spiritual warfare or stumbling through the refining processes that the Lord has set for us. I want to share 10 signs that you may be experiencing spiritual weakness.

10 Signs of a Spiritually Weak Prophet

  1. Inconsistent Prayer Life: If your prayer sessions happen more out of crisis than commitment, it's time for a tune-up in your spiritual routine.

  2. Strained Discernment: Finding it hard to distinguish spiritual attacks or to hear God’s directives? This could be a red flag signaling spiritual fatigue.

  3. Wavering Faith: Every believer’s faith is tested, but if you find yourself buckling under pressure frequently, this might indicate a foundational crack.

  4. Obedience Issues: Remember, spiritual strength is directly proportional to our obedience to God’s commands. If you're finding this challenging, it might be time for some divine alignment.

  5. Spiritual Burnout: Yes, prophets get tired too! If you’re feeling perpetually drained, it might not just be your busy schedule—it could be a spiritual drain.

  6. Limited Warfare Knowledge: A sudden foggy understanding of the enemy’s tactics can mean you’ve let your spiritual guard down.

  7. Neglecting Fasting: If fasting has taken a backseat in your spiritual practices, you might be missing out on a potent tool for spiritual empowerment.

  8. Self-Reliance: Leaning on your own understanding more than the Holy Spirit’s guidance? That’s a classic symptom of spiritual vulnerability.

  9. Compromised Holiness: Struggling with personal sins that only you and God know about? It’s time to cleanse and fortify.

  10. Mood-Dependent Prophecy: True prophetic strength isn’t swayed by emotions. If your prophetic voice is shaky, discipline is your friend.

Stepping Up Your Spiritual Game

If any of these signs hit home, take heart—recognition is the first step towards renewal. Reevaluate your spiritual practices and make room for more intentional prayer, fasting, and obedience. Remember, in our weakness, His strength is perfected (2 Corinthians 12:9). Let the Holy Spirit renew and empower you, transforming weaknesses into strengths.

Connect and Grow

I’m Prophet Andrea Roberts, and at Virtual Prophetic Ministries, we’re passionate about nurturing prophetic gifts and providing a supportive community for growth. If you’re seeking mentorship or fellowship, click HERE and join us! Let’s strengthen our prophetic voices together.


Spiritual weakness doesn't define your prophetic calling—it refines it. By addressing these challenges, you not only enhance your personal spiritual life but also fortify your impact as a prophet. So, let’s rise above these trials with humor, grace, and the unyielding power of the Holy Spirit!

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