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The SPIRE Pathway: Elevating Your Prophetic Journey

Spire on top of church building

If your heart is set on deepening your prophetic walk, you’ve just landed in a space that feels like home. A pressing question I often encounter, and one you might be wrestling with too, is, "How can I grow in my prophetic abilities?" It’s a sincere query that echoes the desires of many to fine-tune their spiritual ears to hear God more distinctly. As a believer in Jesus Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit, you’re in a divine setup for communication that transcends the ordinary. The Holy Spirit, our comforter and guide, is committed to leading us into all truths, speaking life and wisdom into our journey.

Embracing the prophetic means stepping into a space where the Holy Spirit doesn’t just navigate us through our personal lives but also entrusts us with insights, instructions, and messages that are meant for the edification of others. This transition from receiving personal guidance to becoming a vessel for broader messages is a hallmark of the prophetic calling. This week, I’m excited to dive into a concept that has been a cornerstone of my spiritual and prophetic development: the SPIRE pathway.

For those wondering about SPIRE, it might first bring to mind the architectural feature that adorns the peaks of churches or historic buildings. Yet, for us, SPIRE holds a deeper, more spiritual significance. It represents our ascent into higher spiritual realms, a prophetic journey that symbolizes our growth and elevation in the spirit. Just as a spire points heavenward, engaging with the disciplines encapsulated in SPIRE invites us into a deeper communion with God, enhancing our prophetic sensitivities.

Why SPIRE? It’s a blueprint for those of us yearning to cultivate a disciplined spiritual life, offering a systematic approach to not just hear from God but to also share His heart with others. By exploring the SPIRE pathway, we embark on a journey of spiritual discipline that promises to deepen our connection with God and enrich our prophetic ministry.

S: Study Scripture - The Foundation of Prophetic Growth

Diving into Scripture is more than a routine; it's an immersive experience designed to connect us directly to the heart of God. When we study the Bible, it's not just for accumulating knowledge but for undergoing a profound transformation. This process allows God's Word to challenge and change us, guiding our steps and decisions. Such a practice lays the foundation for our spiritual and prophetic journey, equipping us with divine wisdom and anchoring us in truth.

It truly astonishes me when I hear believers express a desire to grow in their relationship with God and in their prophetic understanding without delving deeper into Scripture. Let's not forget, Jesus is the Word (John 1:1). The scripture, in its entirety, is God revealing Himself to us, making it indispensable for anyone yearning for spiritual discipline. It's essential to carve out time for this deeper study, going beyond the surface level insights we might receive from a Sunday sermon or social media snippets. There comes a point where personal engagement with the Word is necessary to "study to show yourself approved" (2 Timothy 2:15), ensuring that the revelations we receive align with the character and will of God.

Have you ever noticed how the enemy employs distractions to keep us from engaging with the Word of God? It often seems easier to consume spiritual nourishment secondhand than to feed ourselves directly from Scripture. Common hurdles include a perceived lack of attention span or the belief that the Bible is too complex to understand. However, a dedicated study of Scripture is vital for anyone looking to grow spiritually and in understanding. The Word of God serves as our guide, helping us discern spiritual truths and differentiate the voice of God from the noise of the world.

As we commit to studying Scripture, we embark on a journey of discovery, learning who God is, His desires, and His directives. This exploration is not just academic; it's a personal encounter with the divine, offering clarity and direction for our lives and our prophetic calling.

P: Prayerfully Listen - Cultivating a Heart of Receptivity

Prayerfully listening transforms our prayer time into a dynamic dialogue with God, emphasizing the importance of stillness and receptivity to the Holy Spirit's voice. This sacred practice goes beyond presenting our requests or speaking at God; it's about tuning in, quieting our inner noise to catch the divine whispers meant for our ears. It encourages us to earnestly seek God's direction for every facet of our lives, aligning our steps with His grand design. The essence of prayerful listening lies in fostering a deep sensitivity to God's voice and nurturing a heart ready to respond.

For many, this discipline of active listening might present a challenge, especially if you're still navigating the ways in which God communicates uniquely with you. A common oversight is not recognizing that God often speaks through spontaneous thoughts or an inner conviction—what some might describe as just knowing. It's those moments when you're struck by insights or wisdom that far exceed your own understanding or educational background, leaving no doubt that they're divine downloads from the Lord.

Leaning into the primary or secondary ways the Holy Spirit communicates with you is crucial. It's a reminder not to box in the Holy Spirit's methods of divine communication. Acknowledging and understanding His ways of speaking can transform you into an active participant in your conversations with God. This type of prayer isn't about engaging in spiritual warfare or petitioning for needs; it's about simply being in communion with the Lord, allowing for a two-way exchange.

Patience plays a key role in this discipline, as receiving a word from the Lord might not always be instantaneous. As a prophetic mentor to many, I've observed the common struggle with waiting on the Lord's timing. Often, our minds need to clear the clutter of daily thoughts and to-do lists before we can truly hear God's voice. Therefore, integrating active prayer listening into your daily spiritual practice is not just beneficial; it's essential for anyone on a prophetic journey seeking to grow deeper in their relationship with God.

I-Implement Practices: Living the Word

Transitioning from absorbing the Word to embodying it in our daily actions is where the essence of our faith becomes evident. Studying Scripture and engaging in prayer are pivotal, but the manifestation of these disciplines through our actions speaks volumes. This involves serving others, openly sharing our faith, and integrating spiritual disciplines like fasting and meditation into our routine. It's in these acts that the tangible expressions of God's love and power are most vividly displayed.

The adage "practice what you preach" is familiar to us all, yet in the context of spiritual and prophetic growth, I encourage you to "practice what you read." As you delve deeper into Scripture, a transformation begins—not just of mind but of action. You'll encounter passages that challenge preconceived notions and invite you into a deeper understanding of what it means to live a life aligned with God's Word. This isn't about treating Scripture as mere history or stories; it's about allowing these divine words to become flesh in our lives.

Consider the principles of forgiveness, not aligning with the ungodly, maintaining a single-minded focus on God, and living free from doubt, fear, or anxiety. These aren't just ideals; they're actionable truths meant to guide our conduct. Even the simple act of reconciling with a brother or sister before making an offering at church underscores the practical nature of living out what we read. Our faith journey is filled with opportunities to implement spiritual disciplines, each one drawing us closer to the heart of God and the essence of our prophetic calling.

By actively living the principles we read in the Bible, we not only grow spiritually and prophetically but also become beacons of God's light and love in a world in dire need of both. This practice of implementation is not just a recommendation; it's a crucial component of our journey toward spiritual maturity and prophetic clarity.

R-Reflect Regularly: The Mirror of Spiritual Growth

The discipline of regular reflection is akin to setting aside moments for a deep, introspective journey—a journey that invites us to pause and look back at the path we've traveled, the lessons learned, and the unwavering faithfulness of God through every twist and turn. It's about taking an honest inventory of our spiritual progress, recognizing where we've flourished and where we've faltered, and acknowledging our need for God's grace to mold us further. This practice of looking inward and upward is essential for maintaining alignment with our divine purpose and fostering a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

Among the various disciplines we engage in for growth, reflection holds a special place in my heart. It's the discipline that encourages us to keep it real with ourselves. It's all too easy to deflect blame, find fault in others, or point fingers away from our own shortcomings. Many of us fall into the trap of externalizing problems, focusing on what others have done wrong, sometimes casting blame for our own errors onto others. Yet, the practice of reflection challenges us to look inwardly, to confront our own missteps, and then to lift our eyes upward, seeking God's guidance and wisdom for reconciliation, peace, or whatever next steps we may need to take in our spiritual journey.

Growth in the prophetic, much like any area of our spiritual lives, demands honesty and transparency with ourselves about where we currently stand, the mistakes we've made, and the progress we've achieved. Through regular reflection, we gain insights into recurring patterns or cycles, pinpoint our vulnerabilities, and embrace the opportunity to mature in our faith. This discipline allows us to gauge our spiritual maturity honestly, asking ourselves: Are we spiritual infants, children, adolescents, teenagers, young adults, or seasoned saints in our faith journey?

Being in denial serves only to deceive ourselves. Yet, reflection isn't always about self-reckoning; sometimes, our blind spots require the illumination provided by others. Just as we might unknowingly walk around with a visible stain or a piece of tissue stuck to our shoe in the natural realm, spiritually, we sometimes need others to point out the blemishes we overlook. This acknowledgment that we don't always see our own faults clearly underscores the value of community in our growth process—a segue into the next vital discipline of engaging with others on this journey.

E-Engage in Community: The Heartbeat of Prophetic Growth

The journey into deepening our prophetic gifts is not a solo mission. It’s about weaving our lives into the fabric of a broader community, where connections with fellow believers enrich, challenge, and support our spiritual walk. This communal engagement is where the essence of our faith becomes active, providing a platform for sharing insights, lifting each other in prayer, and living out the love and hospitality that Jesus exemplified. Within the warmth of community, we often discover the strength and inspiration needed to press forward.

I recognize that for many with a prophetic calling, the notion of community can be complex. In my role as a mentor, I've seen firsthand how more than half of those I guide have felt disconnected from traditional church settings for various reasons. Yet, the transformative power of finding a prophetic community cannot be understated. The scripture urges us not to forsake gathering together (Hebrews 10:25), highlighting the importance of unity and fellowship. Much like needing someone to point out a stain we can't see ourselves, in community, we find mirrors that reflect both our strengths and areas for growth.

The beauty of engaging in community lies in the rich tapestry of relationships it offers—peers, mentors, and opportunities to contribute to the growth of others. It's a space where the principle of iron sharpening iron comes to life, allowing us to hone and be honed in our spiritual and prophetic journey.

As we delve into the SPIRE pathway—Study Scripture, Prayerfully Listen, Implement Practices, Reflect Regularly, and Engage in Community—I encourage you to assess your current engagement in these disciplines. Where is there room for enhancement? How can the Holy Spirit guide you in deepening these practices? Sometimes, the journey towards growth involves partnering with an accountability buddy who can walk alongside you, ensuring you remain committed to your spiritual and prophetic development.

This blog is more than a collection of words; it's a call to action—a guide designed to equip you for a deeper, more meaningful prophetic journey. By embracing the wisdom shared here, you're setting the stage for significant spiritual and prophetic growth. And as you grow, you'll find that the Lord begins to work through you to impact the lives of others in profound ways.

I hope this blog serves as a blessing to you and a practical tool for your spiritual toolbox. If you haven't yet, I invite you to subscribe to continue receiving insights and encouragement tailored for your prophetic journey.

For those specifically seeking a prophetic community, consider joining our Virtual Prophetic Mentorship Group. Here, you'll find a supportive network and mentorship that resonates with your prophetic calling.

Blessings on your journey,

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