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Signs That You Are a Prophet: Part 4

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In our continued exploration of the sacred journey toward understanding and embracing the signs that you are a prophet, I am compelled to share more insights that may resonate with your spirit. As we navigate through these revelations, remember that the journey to realizing your prophetic mantle is profoundly personal and uniquely tailored by God for you.

Signs That You Are a Prophet (16): Anointed Speech

A hallmark of a true prophet is the unmistakable authority and divine power imbued in their words. When a prophet speaks, it's not merely human wisdom being dispensed but a message that carries a heavenly weight. Jeremiah 1:9 describes this as the Lord touching the prophet's mouth, signifying that the words spoken are not their own but those of divine communication. This anointed speech clearly signifies a prophetic calling, showcasing a direct line to God's wisdom and directives.

Signs That You Are a Prophet (17): Discerning of Spirits

The spiritual gift of discerning spirits is particularly prevalent among prophets. This ability allows you to distinguish between different spiritual influences, be they angelic, demonic, or human emotions. This discernment is crucial for a prophet, as it aids in understanding the spiritual realms and ensuring that the messages conveyed are aligned with God's truth. This gift is a protective measure against deception and a tool for delivering God's messages accurately.

Signs That You Are a Prophet (18): Courage to Confront Evil

Prophets typically find themselves in scenarios requiring them to stand against injustice and evil. This role demands a courage that is not common, fueled by a deep conviction in God's righteousness. Like Elijah confronting Ahab and the prophets of Baal, a true prophet is called to speak truth to power, challenge systemic wrongs, and advocate for God's justice in a world of darkness.

Signs That You Are a Prophet (19): A Holy and Consecrated Life

A prophet's life will be marked by holiness and a dedication to living in a manner that honors God. This lifestyle is not about outward appearances but a genuine, inner commitment to Godliness that often sets you apart. As a prophet, your life is a life of service and reflects God's light, a living testimony to His purity and love. This commitment to holiness is not only for personal sanctification but as a model for others to follow.

Signs That You Are a Prophet (20): Prophetic Mantle Passed Down

In some instances, the prophetic calling is affirmed through a symbolic act of passing down the mantle, as seen in the relationship between Elijah and Elisha. This can occur through the laying on of hands or a prophetic declaration made by another servant of God. This act confirms your calling and initiates into the prophetic ministry, signaling God's hand upon your life for this sacred purpose.

As we journey together to understand these signs, know your path is divinely orchestrated. Whether you find resonance in one sign or in multiple, the key is to seek God's guidance and confirmation in your life. If you feel the stirring of the Holy Spirit or seek clarity about your prophetic calling, I invite you to connect with us at Virtual Prophetic Ministries. We are here to support, mentor, and guide you as you step into the fullness of your calling.

May you be assured of your divine purpose and encouraged to speak God's truth with love and authority. Remember, your voice is a light in this world, ordained by God to bring forth His messages of hope, correction, and love.


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I have experienced all except the last. All of the experienced ones are awesome when the Holy Spirit is moving and your the vessel.

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