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Signs That You Are A Prophet!

Realistic image of a light-skinned African American woman with long hair, facing forward and experiencing a spiritual calling. She wears a T-shirt and expresses deep emotion and awe, with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth, gazing upwards. Her hands are raised towards the sky in a gesture of receiving divine light, which shines down upon her. The serene natural background enhances the spirituality of the moment.

Have you been wondering if God has called you to be a prophet? If so, continue reading this blog post. I am sure it will bless you. As a prophetic mentor, I'm here today to share 5 signs of a prophetic calling. Let's explore these signs together.

1. A Strong Calling: The Unshakeable Foundation

Let me start with this: the first sign of a prophet is feeling a strong, unshakeable calling. It's not just any impression; it's an undeniable, persistent calling you can't shake off. Like Jeremiah, who knew his purpose even before he was formed in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5), you might feel this deep, unrelenting urge to speak God's messages. This calling is your foundation, an unmovable rock upon which your prophetic journey is built.

2. Visions and Dreams: God's Mysterious Language

Now, let's talk about visions and dreams. As a prophet, receiving messages through this Divine communication is common. It's one of the first ways God makes Himself known to you. These aren't just ordinary dreams but vivid, meaningful, and often symbolic – a divine communication that transcends the ordinary. Numbers 12:6 speaks about God revealing Himself in visions and speaking in dreams to his prophets. If you're experiencing these, know it's a significant part of awakening to your prophetic nature.

3. Sensitivity to Injustices: The Prophet's Burden

As a prophet, you're naturally sensitive to injustices. This isn't just about feeling empathy; it's about an innate drive to speak out against what's wrong. You can't stand to see things that aren't right and often feel compelled to act. This aligns with the biblical principle of justice rolling on like a river (Amos 5:24). If you've always found yourself standing up for what's right, often being the voice for the voiceless, it's a clear sign of your prophetic calling.

4. Compulsion to Speak the Truth: The Prophet's Duty

Speaking the truth is not just a choice but a compulsion for a prophet. It's not about being rude or mean; it's about a deep-rooted need to be honest, even when it's hard. As prophets, we're wired to be truth-tellers. If you often find yourself in situations where you must speak the truth, even when uncomfortable, embrace this as part of your prophetic identity.

5. Divine Guidance in Solitude: The Prophet's Haven

Lastly, prophets often find divine guidance in solitude. It's in those quiet moments alone that we hear God the most clearly. If you find strength and clarity in solitude, much like Elijah, who heard God's voice in a gentle whisper (1 Kings 19:12), this is a profound sign of your prophetic path. Prophets love the cave. But it's important not to stay in there for too long!

Your Part in This Journey

Please engage and share your thoughts in the comments. Have you experienced these signs? If so, which ones resonate with you. Let's converse in the comments below – your insights and experiences matter.

You can also check this topic on my YouTube below for a more in-depth exploration of these signs. Your engagement, stories, and journey inspire and enrich our community. Let's keep the conversation going, both here and on YouTube. Let me support you in embracing your prophetic calling.

With love and blessings,

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