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5 Issues Hindering Your Bloom In June! A Contingent Prophetic Word!

Hands crossed with sunflower in the middle

I have been so blessed to hear the testimonies that have manifested through the prophetic word (There is A BLOOM That Awaits You In JUNE!) coming to pass for many. We have about 10 days left in June, and as this month is ending, it is crucial to identify any possible hindrances that can delay our spiritual bloom. Just as flowers require the right conditions to blossom, we, as believers, must ensure that we overcome obstacles that may hinder our progress in hearing and fulfilling God's purpose. Drawing from the wisdom of prophetic insights, let's explore five hindrances that can limit our prophetic bloom and discover how we can overcome them through a deeper connection with God.

I began researching what can cause flowers to not bloom online and came across this blog post, "5 Reasons Why Your Flowers Aren't Blooming." As I read the natural causes, the Lord began to parallel things in the spirit, and I want to share the revelation I got from reading this article. So let's dive into 5 issues hindering your bloom in June.

  • Issue #1 - Excess Nitrogen in Your Soil: In the prophetic realm, excess nitrogen represents distractions and worldly influences that hinder our spiritual cultivation. Neglecting our secret place of intimacy with God, we may find ourselves entangled in the cares of this world, neglecting our stewardship of His written word, and forgetting what instructions were given in the prophecy. To overcome this hindrance, we must repent for neglecting our spiritual health and prioritize reconnecting with our first love – Jesus Christ. By seeking intimacy with God and immersing ourselves in His Word, we can create an environment conducive to spiritual growth.

  • Issue #2 - Poor Weather Conditions: In the prophetic realm this represents Enduring Poor Spiritual Weather Conditions. Just as unfavorable weather conditions can hinder the growth of plants, we may encounter spiritual storms and challenges that test our spiritual journey. Delays, setbacks, and trials may cause us to doubt or lose sight of our prophetic destiny. However, we must remember that God's timing is perfect, and He uses these seasons to refine and strengthen us. By seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, confessing His promises, declaring and decreeing His word, and standing firm in faith, we can navigate through the storms and emerge stronger than we were before.

  • Issue #3 - Incorrect Planting Location: In the prophetic realm, planting in the wrong location signifies being in environments that do not foster our spiritual growth. It is vital to discern whether our surroundings align with God's purpose for our lives. If you find yourself in places that hinder your spiritual progress, you must be willing to embrace change. This change may include stepping out and seeking alignment with leaders, communities, and ministries that nurture our prophetic destiny. We can thrive and bloom as vessels of God's prophetic word by positioning ourselves in environments encouraging spiritual growth and prophetic activation.

  • Issue #4 - Improper Pruning: In the prophetic realm improper pruning refers to how you are handled by those whom you submit to lead you spiritually. The pruning process is necessary, according to John 15:2.

John 15:2. "He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn't produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more."

The Lord wants us to grow and develop into what He has called us to be. It is my belief that God uses His leaders as one of the ways to prune us. With that being said, we must have the right kind of leadership. How you are pruned matters. How you are treated is important to the Lord. Things in the natural realm reflect things in the spiritual realm. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the discernment to know who is meant to prune you and who is not, so that you can experience spiritual growth, not spiritual decay or death. Trust that He will show you any areas where you may try to forgo the pruning process. Being pruned and cut is not fun. It doesn't feel good, no matter how you look at it. So it is not uncommon for our flesh to be skillful and pick and choose according to our own preference. At the same time not all leaders know how to cut or prune you properly. So you really need to discern those who you allow to prune you. You will never bloom if you never submit to the cutting and pruning process. And if you do submit and recognize that you have been pruned improperly its ok to start fresh before it's too late.

"An improper cut like a flush cut (cutting too close to the trunk) or a stub cut (cutting too far from the trunk) can cause irreversible damage to a tree. Both of these damaging cuts result in decay, which could lead to death."
  • Issue #5 - Plant Age: Plant age in the prophetic realm represents age limitations. Sometimes you need more time to be ready for what bloom the Lord has that awaits you. God knows what we can and cannot handle.

"Some plants are simply too young to flower. Some perennials that typically begin to flower in their second or third year. These plants need time to establish a strong root base to survive the winter months and may not have enough energy to produce flower buds their first year….. try to be patient that first year and know that you will be rewarded with beautiful flowers for years to come?"

As we approach the final days of June, I am filled with gratitude for the testimonies that have unfolded, attesting to the fulfillment of the prophetic word that spoke of a bloom awaiting us this month. The manifestations and breakthroughs have been awe-inspiring, reminding us of God's faithfulness. Yet, in these remaining days, it is crucial to reflect on any hindrances that may still exist and hinder our spiritual bloom. Just as flowers need the right conditions to flourish, we must diligently identify and overcome any obstacles that could delay our progress. With the wisdom imparted through prophetic insights, let us press deeper into our connection with God, seeking His guidance, and allowing His transformative power to remove any hindrance. May these last days of June be marked by a surge of prophetic revelation, accelerated growth, and the fullness of God's purpose unfolding in our lives. Remember, some prophetic words are contingent. A Bloom in June Awaits You is one of them. So whether your bloom happens this June or in a June in the years to come, know that it awaits you. Be sure to follow the instructions given in the prophetic word, and make sure to identify any of the 5 issues listed above and deal with them so that you can position yourself to bloom

It's Time To Bloom🌻 🌸 🌹🌼 🌺🌷

❤️ Prophet Andrea Roberts


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