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Prophetic Word For April: SKILL!

The Prophetic word that the Lord gave me for April is SKILL!

The word skill is translated into Hebrew as the word Sakal: Sâkal has several different meanings throughout the scriptures. These are some of the definitions:

  • to be prudent, circumspect, wisely understand, prosper

  • to look at or upon, have insight

  • to give attention to, consider, ponder, be prudent

  • to have insight, have comprehension

  • to cause to consider, give insight, teach

  • the teachers, the wise

  • to act circumspectly, act prudently, act wisely

  • to prosper, have success

  • to cause to prosper

  • to lay crosswise, cross (hands)

I want to share with you the word of the Lord for April. While doing the devotional for my prayer call, Consecrate Prayer & Fasting 2023, on April first, the Lord had me release this word that came right from the book of Daniel 1:17.

"As for these four young men, God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom, and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams. - NKJV

I also want you to look at it in the Message Version.

"God gave these four young men knowledge and skill in both books and life. In addition, Daniel was gifted in understanding all sorts of visions and dreams." - MSG

The Lord told me, "tell my people, I want them to be experts in both books and life." Now I will be honest when the Lord said this, I told the Lord

oh no, I don't want to go to school.

I asked Lord, do you mean to go get a degree? And His response was not necessary. For some, it may. Then He says, "I want you to be experts in books" Now I know you know what a book is, but reading the definition of a book will help tie this prophetic word together for you,

Book: A medium of recording information in the form of writing or images, typically composed in many pages bound together and protected by a cover.

A book is a recording of information. It is specific to you and your life. God wants you to be skilled in a particular area of study. Examples: Medical field, arts, entertainment, business, cooking, interior and design, house flipping, real estate, beauty industry, social media influencing, trading, writing books, etc.

Whatever it is, you know that the Lord really wants you to focus on. Now, if you think you don't know or are unsure, sometimes we don't know or think we don't know. I will tell you that the Lord said it is something you cannot stop thinking about. The thing that you can't stop dreaming about in your mind, the thing that you really desire to do.

The Lord said there is a reason why you have a compelling desire, even if you are not physically doing it. We often see ourselves in daydreams, visions, or flashes, as someone else different from who we are currently. What is it that you see yourself doing?

That burning vision, that knowing, this is what the Lord wants you to be skilled in as far as books are concerned because books are an area of information and to be studying and as you begin to do that, He is going to impart to you the ability to become an expert.

When you are skilled in an area, it allows expertise to come upon you. If you begin to develop and study a skill, you will be an expert in that area. And the Lord said I am going to use this area of expertise and areas of focus to be able to keep you safe. And that area of focus and expertise is one of your arks. Your ark of safety.

Yes, you can feel a shift financially in the atmosphere. Yes, you can feel a financial change in the world's economy. Your area of expertise is the key to your ark. It's the key to your safety. Yes, you are safe in me, but you are also safe because of the instructions that you follow when they are given. God, says focus, and begin to hone in on that one area I am driving you to focus on because that is the key to your ark.

"Your area of skill and expertise is the key to your ark. It's the key to your safety."

The Lord is releasing keys of skill and expertise this month!

I challenge you to say these declarations over yourself daily in April.

  • I declare and decree that there will be an anointing to come upon me for skill.

  • I declare and decree there will be an anointing to come upon me of favor.

  • I declare and decree will be an anointing of prosperity that will come upon me as I obey the instructions of the LORD.

  • I declare and decree that my area of skill will be the key to my ark of safety.

In Jesus's Name!

To understand this prophetic word concerning the arks of safety, read the "Season of Multiple Arks Prophecy." or The Season of Multiple Arks Continued.

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Please comment below and share if this word resonates with you.

❤️ You With The ❤️ of The Lord,

Prophet Andrea

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