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The Season of Multiple Arks

In this season, I am releasing the spirit of Noah, Daniel, and Joseph. There will be many that will do things that look crazy, new, or different. They will build things that seem silly to the natural mind.

These things are business ideas, church models, inventions, ways of living, banking, and investment firms. It will look silly or unfamiliar. They may look foolish but, it is I the Lord who uses the foolish things to confound the wise. These foolish things are arks.

When Noah built his ark there was one. But in this season these Arks are being built two by two. Just like Noah brung animals in the ark in pairs of two. These Arks are in pairs two by two. These arks will be built in this manner.

  1. The ark of the Bride & The Remnant

  2. The ark of Health & Wealth

  3. The ark of Business & Finance

  4. The ark of Marriage & Family

  5. The ark of Technology & Media

  6. The ark of the Single & Successful

Some people may fit in multiple categories. These arks that are being built, are to transition the six areas into the next season and to shift us into the new era.

My children, can’t you see that things have changed. Don’t sleep, but watch. Pray for those that are building these arks!

  1. Pray for the Noah’s who are building the arks for the Bride & The Remnant. These are those who are building and keeping the church together in non-conventional ways.

  • Hubs

  • Centers

  • Embassies

These will be places of training, schools, pop-up gatherings, virtual gatherings, and Artificial Intelligence aka AI ministries. Pray for them because the old wineskin will kick up the most when it comes to the shift. They will demand that I move in the old way. But I, the Lord, am the creator of technology. I will not have my bride, my church be left behind and an old era.

2. Pray for the Noahs who are building the arks of Health & Wealth.

Health: There will continue to be exposure to the FDA. What they approve and why. There is a hidden agenda that sits in the high seat of the FDA. Great exposure shall come to the FDA. Motives will be revealed. Natural or holistic health will continue to be on the rise. Because of the uncovering and the truth behind hidden things. More doctors will begin to lean to a natural approach over a synthetic one.

Wealth, these are the Noah’s who have an abundance. They will begin to build safety nets to keep their wealth. They will give strategies on how you can obtain the wealth that you need to sustain.

3. Pray for the Noah’s building the ark of Business & Finance. These are those in real estate, MLM, trading, and multiple online streams of income. Watch people, for they are building this ark strategically. Pay attention, and heed their instruction.

4. Pray for the Noah’s building the Ark for Marriage & family. You will have to find creative ways to keep this unit strong. There will be an increase of things pulling to divide this ark. For this ark is precious to me says the Lord. It was how I chose to replenish the earth. And how I desire to continue to replenish it. Families need to cultivate this ark because the enemy doesn’t want this unit to be. My plan is husband-wife and children. The enemy has been perverting this unit, but I am preserving my institution.

5. Pray for the Noah’s building the ark of Technology and media. These Noahs are building day by day, minute by minute. Because they are the ones who are forerunning the shift to the new era. You will have to be discerning with the media. I am building up those that will tell the truth without trying to persuade you.

6. Pray for the Noah’s who are building the ark for the Single & Successful. Tell my singles they will be OK. I the Lord, have given you the ability to survive and thrive. You are covered by me. You will make it through the transition.

For all six of these arks serves as protection from the extinction of things that are changing. What used to exist will exist no more. It is a new era, a new time, a new day.

The spirit of Daniel and Joseph are those that will be able to help tremendously in the shift. The Daniels have been studying, training, and learning already. They have been dreaming, Fasting, Praying, interpreting dreams, and boldly standing out in the marketplace. In their jobs, businesses, entertainment, and government.

The Josephs have already been betrayed, put in jail, and in prison not literally but they have been prepared for such a time as this. These are the ones to help maintain the land as we prepare for the shift. The Joseph’s and Daniels.

These things have begun and will continue in 2022 (+) Plus. You will begin to see things happen as a sign of the season that we are in. You are already in the shift. Prepare, yes even in the midst of biochemical warfare. Be wise, protect yourself, pray, declare, decree. Even in the midst of the spirit of fear and trauma.

I am the same God of the Bible. I can do great things. There will continue to be variants of Covid, but I, the Lord am God even over COVID-19, Delta, Omicron, and what is to come. I am LORD. And everything shall bow to me. Things that are seen and unseen. I am that I am. For I the lord surely shall do nothing without first revealing my secrets to my servants the prophets. I am releasing a spirit of boldness into the mouth of my prophets. I am bringing them out of hiding. Come forth. Noah’s come forth, Daniels come forth, Joseph’s come forth!

This prophetic word of the Lord came to me on December 6th 20221. I then shared if for the first time publicly on December 18th at Prophetic Prayer Explosion. I begin to minister about 1 hour and 13 minutes into the service if you would like to watch it there you can. My plan is to release it publicly again LIVE from my IG and FB pages in the near future.

Blessings & Happy New Year!

Prophet Andrea

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