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Prophecy For Haiti Fulfilled

As a Prophet it’s always easy to give the words that God gives you when they are words that come to edify exhort and comfort. But when it’s time to give that next level prophecy that may include past present or future events That comes with strong words of warning and correction, it’s not always so easy.

Last year on May 18, 2020 the Lord gave me a prophecy for the country Haiti. This prophecy came differently than I have ever received any prophecy for the 18 years that I have been prophesying. The word first came to me by a riddle that the Holy Spirit spoke to me as I awakened out of my sleep.

This was the first and only time that the Lord has spoken in a riddle to me. I know when it comes to things of the spirit you have to interpret the symbols. So I decided to interpret this riddle the same way that I would interpret a dream.


What is blue green and red, that sits on top of a pole? This material shall surely fold. The nation this represents shall have a catastrophe, less someone goes and warns the people. Will it be you or will it be me?

Funny enough, I had a craving for my favorite Haitian dish which is called Legume. I am not from Haitian descent however I love the food and have learned how to make some of the recipes. So I decided to make the dish. When my husband awoke to the smell of the food he said “Honey, are you making legume Because it’s Haitian flag day?”

I responded by telling him I didn’t even know that it was Haitian flag day. He and I are both black American so there will be no need for us to celebrate Hatian flag day in our home. I just woke up wanting the food.

Immediately it triggered me to look at the Haitian flag. And as I began to Google the Haitian flag I asked my husband to read the riddle that the Lord had spoken to me. Before I could find the picture he said “I am telling you this is definitely talking about the Haitian flag.”

I am one of the company prophets of GICMP. A global company of prophets. I immediately put up in our private Facebook group the riddle and a picture of the Haitian flag to ask the other prophets if they had any prophetic insight into the riddle that God had given me. When you are a part of a global company there is a certain protocol that we follow. I submit it to that protocol.

Later that night the word of the Lord came to me saying.

Haiti, Oh how I want to reveal myself to you and commune with you, but because of the envy, jealousy and pride that rest on the people I cannot.

I want to anoint you with wisdom and power, but your anger and wars prevent what I want for you. I want to bring this nation into completeness and perfection. My desire is to restore and resurrect this land.

There is spiritual warfare that goes on in the governmental high place. There is a cover that has been trying to hide what's going on in the high place, but this covering will collapse.

Catastrophe shall hit the land yet again, if you do not remove the corruption from the high seat. The seat of authority.

When I received this prophetic word I submitted it to the global company. I also shared it with people that are Haitian prophetic voices.

I am personally not much into politics let alone the politics of another country. Every so often I will go back and pray for the country and whatever I can find online concerning matters. I’ll be honest and say it’s been about several months since I’ve checked on the status of Haiti.

When I woke up this morning to a post in my PMG my prophetic mentorship group. Requesting prayer for Haiti because"PRESIDENT MOISE ASSASSINATED AT HOME." My heart sank because I remember the prophetic word that the Lord had given me on May 18, 2020 Haitian flag day about the high seats of authority. and catastrophe. The word catastrophe doesn’t only mean natural disaster. To be honest that’s what I thought until today I saw another definition for catastrophe is a disastrous end, bringing overthrow or ruin. It is clear that the high seat of authority has been overthrown. I guess only time will show and tell what else will happen.

I will continue to pray for the nation of Haiti. This blog post shows the importance of listening to God‘s prophetic voices in this 21st-century. I will admit I am a bit heavy right now spiritually. Not negatively just with the burden of Prophetic accuracy.

If you are reading this post and you are of Haitian descent my prayers are with you for your nation and for your people. Please feel free to share this blog posts as I believe it also shows the Lord's heart of compassion and desires for Haiti.

Yours Truly,

Prophet Andrea Peele Roberts


For your reference see attached screenshots of the email submitted to GICMP with date.

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