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Hey There Prophetic Voice!
I'm Prophet 
Andrea Roberts!

It's a blessing to have you here at Virtual Prophetic Ministries. If you're a believer with a prophetic gift and calling, someone who's passionate about growing in the prophetic – dreams, visions, prophecy, prophetic intercession – you're in the right place.


Your Prophetic Path, Our Mission

Navigating the prophetic can feel like a solo journey, but it doesn't have to be. I've been where you are – seeking guidance, craving mentorship, and longing for a shepherd who truly gets the prophetic personality. That's why I founded Virtual Prophetic Ministries: to offer you the prophetic mentorship and community I once sought.

Tailored Training for Your Growth

Through our Virtual Prophetic School, Mentorship, and Prophets Academy, we're all about equipping you with what you need. Whether you're called to be in the office of the prophet or exploring your prophetic gift, we've got you covered with resources, coaching, and mentorship that speak right to your situation.

A Community of Prophetic Voices

You're not just another face in the crowd here. Virtual Prophetic Ministries is a modern-day company of prophets – a virtual community where you can connect with others who share your passion and understand your journey. It's a place where your strong personality and keen spiritual insights are not just accepted but celebrated.

From My Heart to Yours

As someone who's walked this path, I'm here to guide you. I'm all about keeping it real and providing prophetic mentorship that's relatable and impactful. Together, we'll navigate the challenges and joys of the prophetic calling, helping you to not just receive but also deliver accurate messages from the Lord

Start Your Journey With Me

Step into Your Prophetic Potential by joining My VIP Email List for Exclusive Insights to deepen your spiritual journey. Sign up for my VIP email list and receive regular updates filled with empowering prophetic insights. As a VIP member, you're stepping into a circle of transformative wisdom.

Special Access to 'Arise & Shine' Mentorship Group

Your VIP subscription unlocks access to the "Arise & Shine" Level 1 Prophetic Mentorship Group. This private Facebook community is where like-minded individuals gather for support, growth, and mentorship in their prophetic journey.

Free Entry to 'Embrace Your Prophetic Voice' Bootcamp

As part of our VIP family, you're invited to the "Embrace Your Prophetic Voice" 5-Day Prophetic Bootcamp. This virtual event, hosted within the "Arise & Shine" mentorship group, is designed to ignite your prophetic gifts and guide you in your prophetic calling.

A Transformative Journey Awaits

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with fellow prophetic seekers and receive mentorship tailored to your spiritual needs. This is more than a newsletter – it's your entry into a journey of prophetic empowerment and community.

Join the VIP Email List Today!

Be a part of a vibrant, supportive community eager to embrace and grow in their prophetic calling. Fill out the form below to subscribe and begin your transformative journey with the "Arise & Shine"  Embrace Your Prophetic Voice - 5 day prophetic bootcamp and get mentorship for FREE!

Empowering Your Journey with Authentic Prophetic Mentorship and Training

Let's connect and deepen your prophetic journey together! Sign up for my VIP email list to receive my prophetic newsletter and regular updates filled with empowering insights.

As a special gift, you'll get to 
my Arise & Shine: Prophetic Training for Kingdom Voices Level (1) Prophetic Mentorship Group and attend the Embrace Your Prophetic Voice a 5-Day Prophetic Journey | Virtual event all for FREE! 🚀 🙌🏾💫 Don't miss out on this opportunity to receive transformative wisdom - Join the VIP email list today!

Mission Statement

Virtual Prophetic Ministries is a modern-day company of prophets. With a mission to mentor, coach, teach, equip and raise up a nation of virtual prophets and individuals with prophetic gifts. We exist for those not part of a physical church or those who are part of a physical church, but their church does not offer prophetic training. Through our Virtual Prophetic School, Virtual Prophetic Mentorship, and Virtual Prophets Academy, we offer a range of resources, coaching, and mentorship opportunities to nurture spiritual growth. Our goal is to train up and release holy prophetic individuals who receive accurate messages from the Lord for themselves and others, whether called to be in the office of the prophet or have a prophetic gift.


Vision Statement

Virtual Prophetic Ministries envisions a world where individuals with prophetic gifts are empowered to dominate social media as a nation of Virtual Prophets, shining the light of Jesus Christ online and offline. Our vision is to impact the virtual space and the world by revealing Jesus Christ as the ultimate source of spirituality, rescuing souls from the grip of false spirituality, and turning them towards the truth." Our values and belief in the word of God guide us. While welcoming diverse perspectives, we remain dedicated to a traditional biblical view and foundation.

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