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Navigating and Overcoming Spiritual Barriers in Your Prophetic Journey

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Hey There! Have you experienced obstacles or hindrances that prevent you from fully experiencing, understanding, or engaging with your spiritual purpose, practices, and beliefs, hindering or preventing your spiritual growth and connection? If so, you are encountering spiritual barriers. These barriers can manifest spiritually and naturally, affecting all areas of your life.

Understanding Spiritual Barriers:

It is vital to recognize and overcome the spiritual barriers in your life. I have struggled with spiritual barriers in the past. Just last week, I shared in my YouTube Video how I struggled with embracing the call of God in my life because I struggled with fornication. That was a barrier because it hindered me from my purpose, practices, and beliefs. The act of fornication was the barrier not the call. But I also had barriers of fear and Doubt. Those two can be big ones for prophetic people.

Fear and Doubt:

Fear and Doubt can manifest in prophetic people in two ways. The first way is this. You know God spoke to you, in that still, small voice, in that dream, vision, impression, etc. But for some reason, fear begins to creep in and say, "The people/person won't receive what you are saying, or you will make a mistake if you do xy and z… Then, all of a sudden, fear's fraternal twin, Doubt, begins to come in and now tell you, what if you are wrong? What if you didn't really hear God? Maybe you're just making it all up in your head".

Greatest Advice: Do the opposite. Don't let the fear win. Don't let the Doubt win. When you choose to do what you know God revealed to you anyway, it silences the voice the twins of fear and Doubt.

Spiritual Attacks:

Another spiritual barrier is spiritual attacks, which tend to wipe people out. Many prophetic people have difficulty understanding why it seems like they're always going through spiritual attacks. Some things we think are spiritual attacks are not, and sometimes, we cannot truly recognize when we are under spiritual attack. The reality is that if you are prophetic, you will engage in high levels of spiritual warfare. So, the sooner you start fighting, the better for you.

Identifying Spiritual Attacks: 

One of the ways to identify a spiritual attack is when there's no natural answer to the things that you are experiencing. For example, consider someone suddenly getting sick, experiencing severe stomach pains, or a major headache out of nowhere. Everything was going fine, and then, you end up in the emergency room, where all tests show nothing is wrong. Scientifically, there's no reason why this is happening. This is a good indication of a possible spiritual attack.

Similarly, your relationships might suddenly experience turmoil without any apparent cause. You might notice unexpected friction in friendships, family life, or at work that seems baseless. Or suddenly, you face financial hardships like losing a job or being unfairly demoted based on unfounded accusations. These sudden, unexplained difficulties are often signs of spiritual attacks.

Countermeasures Against Spiritual Attacks: 

To protect yourself, it's essential to stay on guard. Living a prophetic lifestyle means leading from the spirit first. When unusual things happen, I strive to discern the spirit at work. Recognizing a spiritual influence is crucial for determining your next steps.

The best response is to develop strategic prayers. Strategic prayer forms a critical line of defense, guiding you to seek divine strategy, direction, and action. Remember, faith without works is dead—you must be proactive. Amen!

Lack of Understanding:

This is another big one. For some reason, in the minds of a prophetic individual, we believe that because we can hear God in various ways, we'll be able to understand everything he is saying to us. This mindset can cause us to be prideful, think we know everything, or feel stuck because we don't understand what he is saying. For example, if you're a dreamer and you dream symbolically, you can get frustrated because you don't understand the things that God is trying to show you in your dreams.

One of the reasons why I really love training and helping prophetic people is because I used to be so lost at times. Most of the time, my dreams are symbolic. Most of the time, my visions are symbolic. So, I have to go and figure out the mysteries of what God wants me to do. I know I'm not alone in this. There are many prophetic people out there who are the same way. While God speaks to me directly and clearly, He sometimes chooses to speak in riddles, mysteries, and symbology that I don't always understand, which is extra work. But I've learned the more I solve the mysteries of God there is a grace for understanding.

One of the reasons I have the Virtual Prophetic School Student Portal is so people like you can get teachings to help you on your prophetic journey, to get clarity about God's divine communications whether you are a:

  • Dreamer or Seer: Eager to learn how to understand and interpret your visions and dreams.

  • Spiritual Warrior: Facing spiritual battles and need to strengthen your skills in intercession and warfare.

  • Prophet, Emerging Prophet or Prophetically Gifted: Beginning to explore your prophetic gifts or ready to embrace your full calling? I provide support for those stepping into or advancing their roles as prophets.

Let me be honest, I know that others need more than just a class or webinar—they really and truly need mentorship, so I started Virtual Prophetic Mentorship Group (VPMG) to help people get clarity, confidence, and certainty on their journey. A lot of my mentees say that I'm able to provide them with language for things they could not understand before. There's no better feeling than understanding what you're experiencing.


Isolation is another barrier because when you're isolated, you can't connect. A lot of us prophetic people like to be alone. It's because we don't mind spending time in the presence of God for long hours, whether it's worshipping, praying, or just thinking about the things of God.

However, it's not good to be isolated from people for too long. Times and seasons of isolation can be beneficial because of the solitude required for you to get to know Him. However, it's important that prophetic people, especially prophets, don't stay in the cave for too long. 

I once attended a Deliverance conference taught by Apostle Alexander Pagani, and he spoke about the dangers of being in the cave too long. He said that what happens is like what happens in the natural realm. If you're in a cave and you start talking, you will hear an echo. But Spiritually, you'll eventually begin to listen to your own echo and think that it's the voice of God. This happens when we stay in the cave too long—we start to believe that our voice is God's voice because we have no one else or connection with a community to verify what we believe God is saying to us.

In this season, the Lord is speaking loudly about being connected to the body, especially since we live in a virtual age where many people attend church online. Some people even substitute church for their favorite social media preacher. While I consider myself a virtual prophet (one called to the sphere of virtual media), I still believe in the importance of being connected to a community. Whether you are part of a physical in-person community or a virtual one, it is so crucial that you make sure you connect. Take the opportunity to plug into what's available to you so that you can take full advantage of what God has for you in the place that you are in. Trust me, the biggest deception of the enemy and barrier is isolation and disconnection from the community and people.


Today, I shared just a few barriers that prophetic people encounter. Trust me, there is more. But suppose you have been experiencing obstacles or hindrances that prevent you from fully experiencing, understanding, or engaging with your spiritual purpose, practices, and beliefs. In that case, you are dealing with spiritual barriers. It is my prayer today that you begin to go into prayer and tear those barriers down.

Don't let the twins of Fear and Doubt, spiritual attacks, lack of understanding, or isolation keep you from your purpose and your practices, such as prayer, reading the Word, fasting, attending church regularly, or engaging with the body of believers. Keep going, and don't give up. If needed, seek help from someone who can direct you and point you in the right direction.

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Bye NOW!

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