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Commit | Submit | Trust

Happy New Year! If you read this blog post, congratulations because you have crossed over into 2024. You have made it to a new year. Which means you have the opportunity to continue going and growing. I want to tell you to think about what last year brought you and learn from it. Learn from it, whether good, bad, or somewhere in between. We know life teaches us lessons with the things that we go through. As the saying goes, "Whatever test you don't pass in your life, you will repeat." There were several tests that I have had to repeat, and Lord knows I do not want to repeat any of them this year. If you are tired of failing and not succeeding, you will be blessed by this blog post. There is a word from the Lord that will encourage you.

If you are goal-oriented, you may have already written your New Year's resolutions or done your 2024 vision board. This practice is common here in the US at this time of year, even if you are not goal-oriented. I sat with the Lord, contemplating what He would have for me to say concerning this year. And the Lord impressed on my heart a few things. I will release the full measure of these things at  The Prophetic Forecast Service on January 20th. However, I want to share what the Lord has permitted me to share with you. 

I was praying, and the Lord said, 

"Be sure to sit with Me when you plan your year." Without my counsel, there is much vision casting, planning, and goal setting. Many assume that because they desire or want something, these works will succeed. Remind my people that Satan's bestowal of fortune is not my success. Also, many are waiting on words I have never spoken or promised. They thought words from their own soul were the voice of My Spirit. Even words spoken to and over them, through the mouth of another, I never spoke, say the LORD. Many businesses, ministries, and career choices were made that I did not back. Then the Lord said, tell them to run their works by Me."

"Commit your works to the LORD [submit and trust them to Him], And your plans will succeed [if you respond to His will and guidance]." - Proverbs 16:3 AMP

When you think of "works," I want you to look at it like this. Works: Works are our actions and efforts, ranging from everyday tasks, labor, and business to personal pursuits and achievements. They are the practical outcomes of our hard work and our endeavors' physical or impactful products, reflecting personal commitment and spiritual fulfillment. It's those works that God is saying to run by Him.

Three Powerful Words: Commit, Submit & Trust:

Commit: To commit is to entrust something of value into another's care, confidently placing it under their responsibility and protection. This year, place all of your works entirely on the responsibility and protection of the Lord. He's Got it. 

Submit: To submit is to intentionally and respectfully yield to another's authority, embracing their guidance with a clear understanding of their power and will. As you make plans for this year, submit them to the Lord in prayer to embrace His guidance. But also make sure to hold your works up to the word of God. Ask yourself what the word of God has to say about my idea, etc. If your works don't align with God's word's morality and truth. Then trust the guidance of the word, not your "bright idea or download. 


Trust: Trust is the heartfelt assurance in someone's reliability, rooted in their integrity, truthfulness, and commitment to justice and friendship. Trust God, period. You can trust that God will do what is right and just. Even when you don't understand it. Just because you believe something is right doesn't mean that it is. 

"Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, But the LORD weighs the hearts. To do righteousness and justice Is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice." -Proverbs 21:2-3

So whatever your works are, commit them to the Lord. If you have found yourself disappointed with the lack of success in your life last year in 2023. Or any other year, for that matter. I want you to consider whether you genuinely committed it to the Lord. Now, let me say this. God works in His time, and just because something is not successful right now doesn't mean it will never be. So if you are on a journey to success, then embrace it. But if you know you have not committed your plans to the Lord, start now.

If you wrote out your 2024 plans and have not had that time to do so, run them by God. I challenge you to. Not because this is my opinion but because the Lord said to tell you to run your works by Him. I have seen many people hurt with deferred hearts that have grown weary, miserable, resentful, and bitter towards the Lord. They are mad at God because of the deception of their own hearts. Run your works by the Lord. 

If you seek decisions for life-altering things, you need to run it by the Lord and remember to seek wise counsel for confirmation when you do. Remember, there is safety in the multitude of counsel.  

Your Plans will Succeed!

True success comes in the will of the LORD. God's will is God's word. Follow Jesus by following the leading of God in you. Don't ever forget that if you believe in Jesus Christ as God in the flesh, you possess God in you. This year, you must run your works by Him. Then, commit, submit, and trust. This will prevent you from making a lot of unnecessary mistakes. 

 A Prayer For You!

Heavenly Father, I pray for the reader of this blog post. I ask that you give them peace in their mind, body, and soul concerning disappointment from failure, defeat, and things that have not come to pass. Lord, I ask that you will remove any self or demonic deception. Lord, I ask that you allow them to come out of agreement with the prophecies that you never spoke of. Free them today, Lord. And for those who have not seen the manifestation of your genuinely spoken prophetic words, I ask that you give them the strength to wait on you. In addition, please remind them of any possible contingencies that may have been in those prophetic words. Holy Spirit, remind them to run their works by you so they can commit, submit, and trust you! AMEN!

I hope you were blessed by this blog post; remember to like it or comment below. And while you are at it, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I'll be elaborating on this topic.

To a successful year,

Prophet Andrea 💙💛💙

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