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Is It God's Voice or My Thoughts?

Have you ever had a thought pop up into your mind spontaneously about someone, a place, a situation, or a thing? Only to discover moments, weeks, months, or even years later, the same spontaneous thought you had came to pass?

Like when you think about someone, they call or text you out of nowhere. Or you can't get a particular person out of your mind, and you find out that something good or tragic happened to them. If you have ever had these experiences, I want to challenge you to continue reading.

Have you ever had the impression or feeling that you should pray for someone? Like the thought might have come out of nowhere. I want you to know that those thoughts didn't just come from nowhere. They came from God. The Holy Spirit illuminated those thoughts upon your heart and registered them as spontaneous thoughts.

When I first started recognizing that I was hearing God's voice in my late teens, it was in this same manner. I would get these random thoughts that would pop up, and I would express these thoughts as subtle outbursts to friends. Then I would find out that the thoughts were accurate. Sometimes those thoughts would come in the form of playing out a situation or a circumstance warning me or those around me of something that was potentially dangerous. I would be in places and leave just in the nick of time.

I remember, on one occasion, braiding someone's hair, and the random thought of telling him to be careful popped into my mind, so I did. I said, "I feel like I am supposed to tell you to be careful." He responded, "What do you mean? I don't like when people say stuff like that to me." Unfortunately, I didn't know what else to tell him because that was all I knew at that time. Later that evening, he was jumped and ended up hospitalized. He is ok and alive. But that random thought wasn't a thought of my own. A lot of times, the scenario that I thought of would happen the way I thought about them. Or sometimes, I would "know" things. And 20 years later, it is still the primary way I know God speaks to me.

As a prophetic mentor, I recognize that many people are still waiting to hear God's voice as an external one, which makes them minimize the fact that God is speaking more than they realize. Of course, it is possible to hear the audible voice of God. I have experienced the audible voice of God personally. But most people won't and will go throughout their entire natural life, never hearing the audible voice of God. But they may hear God's voice impressing in their thoughts but not recognize it.

I believe that God is actively present and speaking to us in our daily lives. However, it can be challenging to discern God's voice amidst the distractions and noise of the world, ourselves, and the enemy. In this blog post, we'll explore some practical tips on how to hear the voice of God as a Christian.

  • Study the Bible

The Bible is the primary source of wisdom we receive as Christians. It provides us with a roadmap for understanding God's character and desires for our lives. Reading, studying, and meditating on God's word on a regular basis can help us become more familiar with the language and tone of God's voice, which can make it easier for us to recognize Him when He communicates guidance.

  • Develop a consistent prayer life

Prayer is vital in the life of a Christian. It provides us with a direct line of communication with God. Making time for daily prayer can help us create a deeper connection with God and become more attuned to His voice. In our prayers, we can ask God to speak to us and provide us with the wisdom and discernment we need to navigate our lives. In times of prayer don't just talk; listen for His response.

  • Listen to Sermons and Christian content

In addition to reading the Bible, listening to sermons, and Christian podcasts, and following Christian influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok can be an effective way to hear the voice of God. These resources can often provide insight and practical guidance for applying Christian principles to our daily lives. This helps us stay connected to the body of Christ. Our fellow community of faith can provide us with a broader perspective on God's voice.

  • Spend Time in Silence and Solitude

When learning to hear the voice of God, we need to create a secret place in our lives for silence and solitude. This means intentionally stepping away from the distractions and noise of our busy lives. Your secret place can be your prayer closet, car, room, a quiet walk, or spending time in a peaceful space where you can reflect and pray alone.

  • Seek Wise Counsel from Christian Mentors

Finally, seeking wise counsel from Christian mentors can be a helpful way to discern God's voice. These mentors can be any of God's 5-fold ministry officers, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers. Or a Christian spiritual advisor or other trusted members of the Christian community. They can offer guidance and insight based on their own experiences with God and help us navigate difficult decisions and challenges in our lives. They can help you test the things that you believe the Holy Spirit is revealing to you.

In conclusion, hearing the voice of God is a journey that requires intentionality, patience, and an open heart and mind. By studying the Bible, cultivating a daily practice of prayer, listening to sermons and Christian podcasts, spending time in silence and solitude, and seeking wise counsel from Christian mentors, we can increase our chances of being able to discern the difference between our thoughts or the voice of the Lord. When you begin to do those things mentioned above, it will help you build the confidence to know if what you are hearing is God's or your own thoughts.

Of course, there are more ways than what I listed above, but this will at least give you a basic understanding of where to begin. This way, if and when you get those spontaneous thoughts, you will be able to discern if it is you or if it's God.

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🙏🏽 Prophet Andrea Roberts

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