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Dreaming Something Before It Happens!

I want to share with you an experience I had earlier this week. If you are prophetic and a dreamer, you will appreciate this, especially if you see things happening in your dreams before they happen in reality.

Have you ever experienced those early morning dreams that feel like visions?

I am talking about the type of dream that happens as you transition from sleep to awake. Those dreams are the easiest to forget if you don't catch them. Honestly, this almost happened to me again until something triggered the memory. Last week in my STAND-DOWN blog post., I shared some tips on recalling things in the spirit if you happen to forget.

But, back to the dream I want to share with you:

In this dream, I saw a flood of icy water from a melted ice glacier or snow in the spirit as I woke up on Sunday morning. The water was rushing so high up alongside this building or mall I was in. The water was a beautiful, piercing blue. The setting felt like Alaska. However, I live in Florida, soooo I know it wasn't here. I have never been to Alaska, but it felt like Alaska. But I also lived in NY for 40 years. So I thought to myself, maybe it could be New York.

So I did some online research and found some info on A few days later, on Tuesday night, to be exact. I read their article about a recent study concerning glaciers melting and floods. The article was written and posted on 2/8/2023. The post opens with the quote below.

"As glaciers melt and pour massive amounts of water into nearby lakes, 15 million people across the globe live under the threat of a sudden and deadly outburst flood, a new study finds."

After reading this, I definitely raised my eyebrows because I had not heard about or thought about this. The "Climate Crisis" could be farther away from my natural mind. Naturally, I had some questions for the Lord. Questions like:

  • God, why are you showing me this?

  • Do you want me to pray and intercede for this?

  • Is this happening any day now?

  • What's my responsibility?

These questions are valid, and I recommend you ask the Holy Spirit the same thing when you have prophetic dreams and/or handling spiritual matters. You don't have to ask the same exact questions, but you want to ask Him for direction.

Disclaimer: Just because you ask doesn't mean He will tell you precisely what you should do.

Even though you ask the questions, it doesn't necessarily mean God will answer you. Sometimes God gives us the answer to our questions, and sometimes He doesn't. But I will say this much. If you are a prophet or prophetic, you will indeed have to embrace Amos 3:7.

"Surely the Lord does nothing without first revealing His secrets to His servants the Prophets."

And to be honest, sometimes that's just it. That is the answer. God wanted you to know His secret. He wanted to reveal His plans to you so that your faith can be encouraged and increased in your learning the way He communicates to you. And as you grow spiritually in the prophetic, you will be able to gauge what you should do with what God shows you. Sometimes, learning What God Is Saying to you in your dreams is a step in the right direction.

If you are a dreamer and want to know what God is saying about the colors in your dreams, click HERE to grab your free copy of my mini eBook. Or if you need help in Christian Dream Interpretation 101, click HERE.

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