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God Called Me To Be A Prophet With A Notebook And A Pen

Can you imagine doing your nightly journaling, and all of a sudden an outside power takes control of your hand? Guiding every motion, taking control of your thoughts and the speed of your writing, even your natural penmanship. When you are done you look at what you just wrote, and you have 3 different letters written to 3 people you haven’t seen or spoken to in a very long time. You observe the letters, they are descriptive and judgemental. You think to yourself, I must be losing it. You go to bed and the next morning you can't shake the weird experience that happened to you last night. This bizarre experience is perplexing.

Then for the first time in your life, you hear in your spirit man “turn to the book of Ezekiel and read Chapters 2 and 3.” You obey and as you open the pages you feel the fire of the Holy Ghost burning inside your belly. You then realize that the outside power that inspired you to write was God Himself. You are aware that this is God speaking to you through the pages found in Ezekiel. He is telling you that He is sending you with a message to people that won't hear you. He also tells you that you must warn who He tells you to warn, if not their blood is on your hands. All of a sudden it clicks for you. “God wants me to give these letters that I wrote yesterday to the people. He is warning them through me.”

You then think to yourself “Why me. God, can't you choose another person?”

That's exactly how I felt that day back in 2003 when the Lord awakened me as a prophet. One would think that this is just a mere coincidence. The reality is back then I didn’t know scripture well enough to even know there was a book of Ezekiel. I had to look in the table of context to check. I was surprised to find out there was. I was even more surprised when I read those chapters. At the time not fully understanding what it meant, but knowing that this was a mandate for me. This was only the beginning of a process that began long before I was even aware.

I was a part of a church at that time that believed in prophecy. So one of the first things I did was call my pastor and share with her what had happened to me. She immediately called me in for a meeting. I will not lie, I was nervous and thought I would be called crazy or worse a false prophet. There was nothing in me that wanted this, or desired it in the slightest bit. Keep in mind I did not grow up in church nor did I have any prophetic background or influence. When I had that meeting with my pastor, she sat across the table looking like a proud momma. I was comforted in her own story that she shared with me. She began to tell me she had a similar experience when she was called.

At that point she counseled me and let me know based upon the scriptures I had to give those letters with the message to the people that God had spoken to me about. She also let me know the prophetic protocol of the church. I was told if I had any dreams, visions, or prophetic words I was to write them and pass them on to be judged. Then if the word was approved I will get instruction on how to move forward. Yes it was intense, scary, and intimidating. I submitted to that process.

As a budding prophet little did I know, there was so much more to this journey I had ahead of me. The confidence I now have in who God called me to be was not always there. It took years and I am still growing in confidence everyday.

I will begin to tell my journey little by little through this blog. So make sure you subscribe to my blog to stay connected. Also if you would like to hear a little bit more about my process you can checkout my Instagram Post where I share a little more about it. For those of you who would like to read what Ezekiel 2 or Ezekiel 3 you can do so.

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Membre inconnu
01 déc. 2021

That’s crazy back in 2018, someone I knew did Witchcraft on me. God revealed to me through a dream. I saw how the lady look like and what they did. I dealt with high spiritual warfare at the time, I decided to go to my mother’s church. On my way there I was in the train with my mother and I was in very bad state…I heard a voice telling to open my Bible “Ezekie 3:17-27” when I read, I was shocked I said to my mother God will deliver me and I read the scriptures to her. When we got out the train I sent the message to the person who was doing witchcraft against me I said “I…


Membre inconnu
28 août 2020

Wow!!! :)

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