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In Spite Of What You Feel Keep Pushing!

There are days that I feel on top of the world. Days that I feel like I can conquer everything and anything that I can imagine. Of course those are days that are not present with tons of opposition and everything seems to be going as planned. Then on the other hand there are other days when I don’t quite feel like a champion.

Those days are usually when opposition is at its highest, and things are not going as the way I thought they would. We all know that it is easy to continue doing the things that you need to do, when things are running smoothly. It is way more difficult when things are not. What are some of the things that trigger feelings or emotions? For some it’s not achieving a goal, for others it’s family matters, financial hardship, sickness, relationship concerns and so on. We all have something that gets to us. There is that one thing that sometimes can bring out the weakness in even the strongest of a person. 

We all may have moments where we recognize our feelings are a little out of whack. The important thing is knowing how to manage them and not let them dictate our lives. I learned years ago from one of my pastor’s the importance of not being moved by your feelings. She taught me that your feelings will lie to you and are fleeting. They are not to be trusted. To be honest I am very grateful for those nuggets.

Most of the time we are encouraged to make decisions based on what makes us feel good or what makes us happy. When you think about it, that appears to sound really good. The only problem with that is this, what makes you happy today, may not be the same thing that makes you happy tomorrow. Our feelings change, that's just the truth. We may like someone today and not like them tomorrow. With that being said it’s important that we don’t rely 100% on our feelings when making decisions.

I believe that people should be motivated by their purpose in life. So many people go through life not knowing what their purpose is. Many don’t know their God given destiny. A lot of people have no clue as to what God's will is for their life. When you know who God says you are, who He created you to be, and for what purpose, you are fulfilled and more likely to stick to something even when it gets rough. 

When you know the purpose or the goal of a thing, it is easier to get direction and instruction. Even in moments of fatigue you are less likely to give up if you know what you are working towards. We all get tired emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, but how do we know the difference between needing a break and continuing to push forward? 

Whenever we are working toward a big goal, there will come a point in time when you feel like giving up. That is normally, but remember just because it gets hard doesn't mean it’s time to take a break. It actually might mean it’s time to push even more. 

If you are a christian you have the Holy Spirit on the Inside of you. God literally rests in you as a temple. The Holy spirit is your helper, guide, teacher and so much more. That push that you need will come from God. The Holy Spirit will tell you when you need to take a break as well. Those around you will probably tell you too. 

If it’s time to take a break, try not to take one for too long. You don’t want to lose your momentum or hit a plateau in your life's journey. Keep pushing unless you really know it’s time to take a little break. Remember, It is at the moments of intense resistance and fatigue that muscle memory is created and eventually built. Keep going you are being conditioned. 

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