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Prophetic Word for CREATIVES! Don't Be Blown by Every Wind of Trend!

In a world where trends come and go fast a fire, it is easy to fall into the trap of wanting things so quickly. But it's vital that we, as children of God, heed the divine guidance bestowed upon us. The Spirit of the Lord urges His people not to be swayed by every passing wind of trend. While chasing after what is popular and fleeting may be tempting, God calls us to stay true to His purpose for our lives. By steadfastly following the course He has set before us, we can avoid the instability and double-mindedness accompanying trend-chasing. This blog post serves as a gentle reminder to remain anchored in our calling and resist the allure of trends that distract us from fulfilling God's unique plan.

Prophetic word for creatives! Don't Be Blown by Every Wind of Trend!

God said, tell my people don't be blown by every wind of trend. Stay true to what I've called you to do. When you blow with the wind of trends, this will cause you to be unstable and double-minded. The Lord says stay the course of what I told you to do in the first place. Do not be blown by every wind of trend because as quick as the trends blow, it is as quick as they will blow out. So as quick as you were inspired to hop on a trend is as quick as you will die out. Not literally. Not everybody desires to go viral. Virality and going viral don't necessarily mean you're staying true and will influence those God has called you to. So I encourage you to stay in the trend of the Holy Spirit rather than in the trend of what's happening. But the Lord said to tell you don't focus on trying to be the trend, but focus on being who he's called you to be, in the unique way He's called you to do it.

Yes, I know you want to be relevant as a business person, artist, creative, and influencer. Remind yourself that you know that God has specific things for you regarding the creative endeavors he has for you. The Lord says they will manifest. You just have to follow the blueprint that He has given you. Ask yourself, what has He shown you about yourself in your visions and dreams?

You might be thinking to yourself, how in the world am I going to follow that blueprint He gave me? The Lord said that he's already given it to you. You just have to follow it through no matter what it looks like and be your authentic self. Being your authentic self is the blueprint. You cannot be anybody but who God created you to be. So give your message, show your creativity, share your music, share your art, your writing, your videos, or whatever it is. Present it in the way God has given it to you, and that's how your creative message will get to those whom God intends.

We know that the Bible says we are not to be tossed to and fro with every wind of Doctrine. While you know, this is not necessarily Doctrine per se when you're following Trends, it's following something. We also know that the scripture says that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways and will not receive anything from the Father. So I just speak Clarity over you and of the vision that God has given you, and that you would not be blown by every wind of trend, but stay true to what God has told you, and that's how your success is going to come, and that's how the manifestation of what God has showed you is going to take place in your life.

In a culture obsessed with trends and viral sensations, losing sight of our true purpose and identity is easy. However, God's message is clear: our focus should not be on becoming the trend but on being who He has called us to be. By staying attuned to the Holy Spirit's leading, embracing our authentic selves, and faithfully following the blueprint God has given us, we pave the way for manifesting His divine plans in our lives. Let us cast aside the fickleness of trends and cling to the unwavering truth of God's Word. As we stay true to our calling, we can walk confidently, assured that success and the fulfillment of God's vision for us will come in due time. And who knows, the Lord is probably making you the one to set Holy Spirit-inspired trends so that those who don't know the Lord can be set ablaze by the influence of the Holy Spirit and be drawn to the Kingdom of God.

This blog post is inspired by the word of the Lord that I released on the Prophetic Wellness YouTube page. If you want to watch the video, you can do so below. And if you do, be sure to subscribe to my channel.

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Prophet Andrea 🙏🏽

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