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Are You Afraid To Commit To Jesus?

I have had so many people ask how I became so religious. Or how am I so bold about my faith in Jesus and the call of God on my life. I have had people over the years express to me that they would like to have a relationship with God, but they don’t want to have to follow any rules or change anything about themselves in order to do so. What’s interesting is when I was younger I felt the same way. However I also knew that with God it was an all or nothing journey with Him.

I remember one day years ago the Holy Ghost illuminated to me the connection of husband and wife and Christ and me. See the amazing thing about God is, most of the time He will speak to you in a language that you will understand. As a young woman, I would consider myself what most would call “boy crazy” while I wouldn't say that I lived a life of promiscuity, I definitely always had a boyfriend.

As a matter of fact the Lord showed me years ago that I had men or the idea of relationship as an idol in my heart. An idol is anything that you love more than God or that you feel like you can't walk away from, or you can’t live without it. Truth be told, if most women were honest they would be able to identify. Now of course I never actually said that out of my mouth. I never uttered that I loved any human more than God, however my actions screamed that louder than words.

I knew that there were certain things that I wanted to do that were in direct conflict with the bible. One of them at that time mainly being sex out side of marriage. The bible calls it fornication. I would say things like I love God, but I am not ready. I love God but He understands my heart. I know God knows I am not perfect.

I will never forget that day the Lord said to me as clear as day, “ You can’t be faithful to Me, but you can be faithful to a boyfriend, loyal, no cheating, honoring his wishes, and respecting his likes and dislikes, but you won’t be faithful to me.” That really turned on a light switch for me, because it was the truth.

Think about it, when it comes to God we want to be able to do things on our terms and give Him less than we would give a human. We have no issue with a dress code for work or anywhere else but we tell God that He shouldn’t tell us what to wear. Yet if our man said they didn’t want us to wear a certain outfit most of us would change, but yet the God of the universe can’t have a say so.

See one of the biggest deceptions that are around is that you can have a relationship with God without true commitment. The truth is most women want monogamy in their relationships, but we want to give God polygamy. God wants full commitment, He wants all of us not half. If you look through the bible it refers to church as the bride of Christ. God wants us to be faithful to Him.

Of course there is a process to your conversion as a Christian, but the truth is love is an action word. We can't say that we love God and not obey Him. If you love your husband or boyfriend and you are faithful to them, you have it in you to commit to God. Yes that will come with a change in you inside and out.

Don’t be afraid to commit to Him, it’s the best decision that you can make. Let know that you love Him by committing yourself to him, without worrying about all of the rules that you have to live by but rather see them as sacred vows to the creator of heaven and earth. I mean if you have done it for a human, how more important is God.

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