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Last Tuesday, I did something for the first time. I went prophetic scouting. That is the name that the Holy Spirit gave to me.

Prophetic scouting can be defined as; Gathering supernatural information about the enemy/satan and his forces over a situation or territory by seeking, searching, inspecting, examining, and investigating in prayer and natural observation.

See, I live in Rockland County, NY, and one of the High schools here has had three deaths over the past year or so. The ones who passed away three things in common,

1. They attended the same high school(some recent graduates)

2. They were on the football team

3. Young Black males.

They all died differently but the thing that ties them together are these three things. This appears to be some sort of a pattern. Most people may not pay attention to these things, but a prophetic mind will catch it.

I decided to challenge my prophetic team to the assignment of Prophetic Scouting. So we went to the school to do a prayer walk. We walked around outside on the school ground. There was practice going for the little league, but we were able to do what the LORD assigned us to do. We prayed, sang, listened for the Lord to give us any prophetic insight, and we declared the word of the Lord over this school. We did this in decency and order, without bringing much attention to ourselves. There were 9 of us, including children. Yep, even prophetic children need to learn how to be bold for God.

Then something happened. We walked upon a group of seven young men that happened to be some of the members of the varsity football team. One of the PIT (Prophet in Training) walked up to them and began to let them know that we were praying for them. We all joined her and began to speak to them. The Lord gave me a word of knowledge for two of them, and I began to prophesy over them. Just in case you don't know what a word of knowledge is let me share with you. A word of knowledge is a spiritual gift given by the Holy Spirit that enables a believer to know things about another person or a situation that they have no previous knowledge of.

The young me were in awe and amazement and wanted to know how I knew what I was speaking to them. They were shocked. I told them it was the power of God, and Jesus speaking to them through me and that it is His Spirit that revealed these things. We asked if they wanted us to pray with them, and they said yes. My husband Mack prayed over them. It was such a powerful moment to see these young men in awe at the power of God. I could see the seriousness in their eyes. They could have easily turned us away but they did not. They were respectful and we all could see they knew this was no coincidence.

When we were finished praying,, one of them invited us to their game. My husband and I told them we would be there. We wrote down each of their jersey numbers to continue to pray for them and of course, cheer them on at the game. My husband and I decided to go. We didn’t get to speak to them at the game, but the Lord knew we honored our word. My schedule worked out for me to be there so I knew it was the LORD. I actually was a cheerleader when I was younger, but to be honest, I don’t like football, so it was really a sacrifice for me. Unlike my husband who loves every bit of it. But It was all for the Glory of God.

I am sharing this in hopes that it will challenge others who may feel like they are nervous or afraid to do the things that God is telling them to do. To be honest, when we were out walking and praying and singing, fear did try to grip me, and so did pride. Thoughts like, “what are you doing, people will think you are crazy,you are crazy, you look like a fool” and more. I decided not to let racing thoughts stop me, and get to me. Some of the others confessed that they too had some of those same thoughts. We all decided to push pass our thoughts and our emotions. Even as a leader these things will happen. But you must push forth and obey.

The boldness of the Holy Ghost is bigger than the fear that the enemy tries to inflict your emotions with. Go forth and obey God. Be bold, be courageous be fearless in God. You never know who's life you will touch.

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Fantasia W
Fantasia W
Oct 09, 2021

Wow this is powerful! Great read!


Unknown member
Oct 05, 2021

This was a beautiful experience and opportunity to see God move the way he did through an act of obedience and unity .

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