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How I Fight Food Temptations:

Hey Beautiful! If you are reading this blog post it’s probably because you can relate. Who would even think of temptation when it comes to food. Well, I do, and I know many of you do too. Temptation is when you have the desire to do something, that is wrong or unwise. I could list the many things that could be looked at as wrong when it comes to food, but I won’t. Ill just talk about the lack of wisdom that comes from eating unhealthy food.

Eating unhealthy foods: I do believe that things should be done in moderation, I also believe fad diets don’t work for longevity. However unhealthy or junk food shouldn’t be eaten on a regular basis. My definition of unhealthy food would be processed foods, deep-fried foods, certain types of fast food, etc.

One of my favorite foods to eat is pizza. Different types but mainly a good old plain slice. I mean I am from NY and we have the best pizza. Eating these types of foods on a regular basis causes my scale to increase literally. I can eat fast food a few times a week and have some processed food and easily gain a good 2-4 pounds in a week. Now, this could be simply because these types of foods have more sodium and also cause me to become slightly irregular. While constipation has never been an issue for me, I’ve noticed eating out too much will cause some sort of difference for me.

My body works just the same on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to eating healthy. I immediately notice a difference when it comes to my body. It amazes me how quickly the body adjusts to what you put in it. I also know the necessity for me to DETOX as well. I feel much better on the inside and people notice a difference on the outside too.

When I ate whatever I wanted however I wanted this was the my fruit of my choices

Nothing wrong still a beautiful woman on the inside and out, but very limited in a lot of things due to the extra weight and because of how I felt. There was no fighting to make the right choice, there was no discipline in that area.

Now I chose to fight the temptation. Here is where I am. Now Don’t get me wrong I don’t win 100 % of the time, but I am more resistant. There is a scripture that says “resist the devil and he will flee” I literally have to resist food. Especially when there are those things that I like that aren’t good for me are present.

If you follow me on social media than you will see from time to time I’ll post pictures of the things that my husband likes to cook. One of the things that I say is “He won’t let me win” LOL He has a passion for cooking and creating all kinds of dishes that taste amazing but work in opposition to the goal I have for myself in mind. So I have to flee in my own home. Can you imagine that?

I fight the food temptations by fleeing, Getting out of dodge, that is the only way for me. At least until I get to the place where it is no longer a temptation anymore. I am not quite their just yet but I am working on it.

In the meantime, I will continue to DETOX portion control balanced meals, and moderate exercise.

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So accurate!

Great post. Appreciate this.

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