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Quick Justice For The Chosen!

Brown  and Gold Gaven and mallet with white back round.

This morning during consecrate 2023 prayer & fasting I released a prophetic word of the Lord, and I want to share it with you. If you have somethings that you know you need God to turn around for you keep reading, because the Lord said, "There is justice for the chosen."

I will cause quick justice for my chosen. My chosen one's that I called before the foundation of the world. Those that My hand was upon even in their mother's womb. My chosen ones. My chosen ones who have chosen to follow me and respond to my call because I put it in them to follow me. I put it in them to be drawn to me. They are my sheep, and I know them, and they know me and follow me. My chosen ones have been crying out to me day and night. My chosen ones that have been knocking

Then I saw a judge's gavel hit a mallet. Then the Lord said.

Justice for my chosen. Quick justice! For the Lord, your God, heard your cry. I will respond by turning things upside down. The people will say how quickly the tables have turned. Justice for the chosen shall be your portion.

I, the Lord your God, am making wrong things right and crooked paths straight. Things that went left, I am making them go right. For my heart breaks, says the Lord. My heart breaks for those mistreated by the hands that were called to build them, but they broke them instead. The misrepresentation of Me grieves my heart. Many of my leaders have yet to build My kingdom. They have been building a kingdom unto themselves.

Just as quick as they have built their own kingdom is as quick as I, the Lord God, will tear them down. Another great exposure is happening. Another prominent leader in the kingdom will fall. It is not my will, But it was their choice.

Repent, says the Lord.

Repent for building your kingdom. Then build mine, says the Lord!

Court cases will be overthrown,

the innocent will rejoice,

and the guilty will weep.

I am the just judge. What I do is right. I have heard your cry, morning and night. I am answering quickly, says the LORD. Justice will be served.

I will reward the obedient.

I will reward the faithful.

I will reward the trustworthy.

Can I trust you?

Can I trust you to obey me?

Can I trust you when no one else is around when no one else is looking?

Can I trust you to do my word?

Can I trust you to love the unlovable?

Can I trust you to forgive the unforgivable?

Can I trust you to wait and let me rule in your favor?

There is justice for you, my chosen. Quick justice for the chosen,

Says the Holy Spirit.

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